Gig Economy & Warehouse Workers Have Kept Main Street Liquid By Delivering Food, Groceries & More, And Now These Workers Are Going On Strike

People have been battling the need to stay financially afloat with the need to stay healthy, and now they’re focusing on the latter…

(Silver Doctors Editors) They call it working in the “gig economy”, and some of the companies that make up this world of independent “contractors” are companies such as Fiverr, Uber, or even Air BnB.

Gig income is that extra source of income that is more critical now than ever to those who participate, and it’s serving a critical role to society right now.

Because we may be in the early stages of a global pandemic, but life goes on, and so does the need for good & services.

And that’s where the gig economy workers and the warehouse workers have been, for the most part, the unsung heroes during these difficult times.

Warehouse employees, such as Amazon employees, have kept the packages moving through the mail, and hundreds of thousand of gig employees are the ones who actually get many essential items like food and hygiene products from the store to a person’s door.

There are many reasons why a person might use Instacart (a type of personal shopper) or DoorDash (a 3rd party food service delivery), especially during these difficult times, but now that we’re a couple of months into this raging pandemic, and now that the reality is this Covid-19 bugger spreads easily and packs a punch, gig economy workers and even Amazon workers are understanding that they are putting their health at great risk, so they’re asking their employers for more.

From the Today Show:

Do the workers have the upper hand here?

Or are there plenty more people willing to risk their health for the same dollar?

It looks like we’re about to find out.