Get Ready For Chaos! China’s Plan Near Completion As US Economic Crash Has Spiraled

Now it’s China’s move. China is the only economy that grew in 2020 while The U.S. economy experienced a…

by Financial Argument via Financial Argument

Now it’s China’s move. China is the only economy that grew in 2020 while The U.S. economy experienced a terrible decline of -3.7.

As China cross the river to ascend their throne of world domination, they can rescue who they want and push down those who they don’t want.

China’s economy grew by 2.3% in 2020 despite the crisis, becoming the only one to grow last year while the rest of the world’s economies crashed.

The list of bodies in the river is long. Numbers from Germany, France, and Italy show that the European economy has already collapsed. With a decline of -11.2%, the U.K. was also hit hard. India, our greatest hope against China’s world domination, and where incredible farmer protests are currently taking place, shrank by -9.9%.

On the other hand, China’s gross domestic product exceeded the 100 trillion yuan threshold in 2020, according to official data released last week. This is a new achievement for China.

China’s industrial production increased by 7.3% compared to a year ago.
When we examine the data, we see a large expansion in industrial production in the 9th consecutive month with the help of strong exports.

During this period, 240 billion masks were one of the products that constituted China’s export dominance. Except for the Chinese population, they produced and sold 40 masks per person in the world. Mask shipments worth 340 billion yuan accounted for only 2% of Chinese exports.

I talked about the problem of permanently closed small businesses in the United States and the alarmingly high unemployment rate in detail in the previous video. Despite this, China created a total of 11.86 million new jobs last year, surpassing the 9 million target they had set for themselves.

The size of the total retail industry in the world is approximately $25 Trillion. E-commerce sales are approximately $3.5 trillion. The interesting thing here is that China is by far the country with the largest e-commerce volume in the world, with a size of about $2 trillion.

So why do you think I’m telling you all this? The subject of the video is not about China’s achievements that evoke the jealousy of others. My message is quite clear:

China is so powerful in every field that comparing it with the United States is absurd. And it all happened in front of our eyes over the last decades.

Yes, America is heading into a social and economic dead end. Watching it play out is saddening. When it comes to China, let us remember that “Rome was not built in a day.” When it comes to America, all I can say is “Rome did not fall in a day.”