Get Ready! China Has Started The Final Stages Of Its Plan While The U.S. Economy Is Crashing

China is the only country with a strengthening economy while the rest of the world’s economies undergo painful collapse and financial crisis…

by Financial Argument via Financial Argument

China believes that the time has come, taking advantage of the collapse of its rival America – and the rest of the world’s economies – and has started to put all its cards on the table.

I know it’s too early to say that China won. But, it’s not too early to say who’s losing now…

We know that almost every country’s economy, especially the U.S. economy, is experiencing collapse and financial crisis unprecedented in history. But China seems to have pulled itself out of it, at least for now…

The latest data shows us that the economies of all G20 countries experienced a massive slump in the second quarter…excluding China.
China grew by 3.2% in the second quarter, while the U.K. shrank by 21.7%, the U.S. by 9.1%, and the Eurozone by 15%! India, which has recently experienced border tension with China (and I think the tensions will continue rising) had the worst second quarter, with the economy shrinking by 23.9%…

There’s more. Additional data indicates that China is the only country with a strengthening economy while all the rest of the world’s economies undergo a painful collapse.

In addition, China’s exports in August increased by 9.5% compared to August 2019, exceeding expectations.

While recovery is still just a fantasy for many countries, especially the U.S., China is recovering and getting stronger.

We had a week full of political speeches vowing a tougher stance on China, and it is obvious that the tension and pressure will increase as we get closer to the elections.

But the main question is, will markets – which are already collapsing – be able to handle this heavy pressure?

What will the next few months bring?

It’s best to prepare for a worst-case scenario … Get Ready !


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