Gerald Celente Asks: Where Is The Outrage At The Trump, Macron & May Freak Shows?

Gerald says the political landscape right now is not just a freak show, but “The Greatest Freak Show On Earth”. Here’s why…

Gerald Celente interviewed by Richie Allen on The Richie Allen Show

Gerald and Richie take a deep dive into the political and geo-political landscape in what Richie calls “pure cinema, theater”, and Gerald acknowledges and says it’s also a “circus show” and “The Greatest Freak Show On Earth”.

Gerald and Richie discuss how globalism is taking over the whole world and turning the world into what Gerald calls “Slavelandia”.

Other topics include:

  • Comey
  • Russian Collusion
  • Tax Cuts
  • Chemical Attack / Missile Strike on Syria
  • MSM Propaganda

That’s not all Gerald and Richie talk about today.

For all those topics and a whole lot more, tune in to the interview in its entirety below: