Gerald Celente 2019 Trends Forecast: Uprisings And Zombies

This year we’ve seen uprisings in France, Belt & Road progress, and central banks gobbling up gold. What does Gerald forecast for 2019? Tune in…

by Rory Hall of The Daily Coin

Excerpt from show notes:

Not only do we have the Yellow Vest uprising in France, but the Tropical Trump in Brazil, Belt and Road Initiative arriving in Panama, Salvini rallying in Italy, Hungary closing the door to illegal immigrants, Germans turning against Merkel, BREXIT, Trump in America and these are just the “big ticket items”. This is to say nothing of what’s happening with the global food production, gold being gobbled up by national banks around the world, China making inroads with the Belt and Road Initiative throughout Eastern Europe. Uprisings and major national changes around the world.

Full article and notes found here.

Tune in to the interview in its entirety below: