Gasoline Premiums in Texas Show ANY Gold & Silver Shortage and PREMIUMS WILL SKYROCKET

Any shortage in the physical gold or silver markets like in 2015 and “premiums” will quickly skyrocket. People buying gasoline in Texas are learning the hard way just what happens to price when something becomes scarce…

From Zero Hedge

According to retail fuel supplier Mansfield Oil, short-term fuel supplies for Houston and San Antonio are significantly impacted by Tropical Storm Harvey.

Bloomberg reports that San Antonio and Houston supplies are at code red, while Corpus Christi was downgraded to code orange as terminals have come online already and limited spot supplies are available.

For now, reports a number of stations are still open, though prices are rising…



However, the Gulf Coast CBOB gasoline spread to NYMEX futures rose 9.50c to a 16.50c/gal. premium – the highest on record in data from 2012.




“There’s a big drop-off suddenly in crude oil demand,” John Kilduff, a partner at Again Capital LLC, a New York-based hedge fund, said by telephone. “We have a supply disruption event in gasoline production. Gasoline demand in the balance of the country is still elevated, so we could see a real impact on gasoline inventories if these refineries are unable to get restaffed quickly.”