Fuggedaboutit. – AGXIIK

gun confiscationAmerica is unique in it’s God given right and Constitutionally protected right to self protection.
This country and its rights are the last line in the sand before a wave of darkness descends over the world.

In the US, there are 112 firearms for every 100 Americans.  The rest of the world?



For gun owners, we live in gun heaven. For the rest of the world, not so much.

The stats on this Wikipedia page are pretty staggering.


Lining up the number of guns per 100 population, there is only one clear winner
United States of America. 112 guns per 100 people. Talk about overachievers.

The rest of the world?
Listing countries by numbers 2-175, guns per 100 population along with percent of gun ownership per 100 population

2-17 25–75 per 100 25-75%**

18-61 10—24 per 100 10-25%

62-97 5–10 per 100 5-10%

98-122 2–5 per 100 2-5%

123-175 1.9–.1 per 100 Less than 2% to less than 1 per 1000 population own firearms.
In other words, fuggedaboutit.

Only 10% of the countries in the world have populations where 25% or more of the population owns firearms. 90% live in countries when gun ownership ranges from inadequate to less than a political opinion poll rounding error. That is, if political opinions mattered or were tabulated in that country.

From country 62 to 175, the percentage of gun ownership dives into the realm of an allowable statistical error. Rounding errors cannot defend themselves any more than a disarmed population can protect itself from any assault or danger to their persons. Those people who defend themselves often end up as statistics when push comes to shove.

*Only 3 countries have a 50% plus gun ownership.
America with 112 gun per 100.

Serbia with 75 guns per 100.

Yemen with 50 guns per 100.

Leaving aside the fact that number 2 and 3 are countries do demonstrate a reasonable commitment to private firearm ownership, when I think about people defending their homes and neighborhoods, Serbia and Yemen do not come to mind. Yemen is an active war zone so that might not count towards the idea of gun rights. Serbia builds some good firearms.

The rest of the top 17 countries center around the 25-30 firearms per 100. There’s real room for growth here. These 14 countries center around 25% One out of four people own firearms.

What’s not noted yet clearly evident in this Wikipedia fact page is the nature of the extremely restrictive gun control laws that apply to 90% plus of the world’s population which, coincidentally, have the lowest percent of gun ownership and some of the most repressive governments. The most restrictive firearm laws center around the world’s most populous countries including China, India, Indonesia, most of Africa, Russia, Europe and South America.

Of the 114 remaining countries, 65% of the total countries listed, show per capita gun ownership at a paltry .1% to 10%. In other words, ranging from the lowest percentage; a scant 1 firearm per 1000 to 1 in 10 private gun ownership, the world at large is as close to being disarmed as possible. This is NOT an accident.

When one contemplates the barriers to totalitarian rule; a pushback to the boot of statism coming down on the necks of humanity, there is little room for further loss to this basic human right of personal private ownership of firearms, the essential means protect ourselves from evildoers. That includes garden variety intrusive individuals but, most particularly, includes oppressive governments of the world. Frankly, we are only a few votes and a few steps from seeing the only country of any size and importance that can say it stands up to the criminalization of gun ownership.

America is unique in it’s God given right and Constitutionally protected right to self protection. This country and its rights are the last line in the sand before a wave of darkness descends over the world.
A country where gun ownership is banned is a country filled with slaves. Some live a comfortable life because the slave master has yet to jerk those chains.
As for the rest of the world, the words and the mental image of George Orwell come to mind
“Picture a boot stamping on the face of humanity forever.” A vision of the future.