Front Running The Hyperinflation Of The US Dollar (Or, Get Out Of “Financial Assets” While You Can)

Famous investors say, “buy gold at any price”, yet the same people who cheer on the mainstream, supposed gold advocates no less, say if you bought silver…


Half Dollar’s Note –


Who’s there?

Virtue Signaling Hypocrite.

Virtue Signaling Hypocrite who?

Virtue Signaling Hypocrite who says “Pray for Ron Paul” even though I enable the Fed, apologize for the politicians, and act as if I’m alternative while craving to be accepted by the mainstream, that’s who!

All the bandwagon opportunists out there saying “please pray for Ron Paul” made me sick to my stomach today.

Most of them have no problem continuing to feed the Wall Street Beast, which is exactly what Ron Paul stands against in general as he stands against the Fed specifically.

Perhaps those same virtue signaling hypocrites will be able to get their unconstitutionally unbacked, debt-based fiat currency dependent on exponential, unsustainable growth out of the corrupted financial markets before their poor little “financial assets” vaporize, but I doubt it.

Unless those same “market participants” are in on the rigging itself, or in on the accurate, real-time know, which is quite literally only a very tiny number of people, their money’s going to get the Syme treatment.

It won’t be pretty, but at least it’ll be fast.

Because in the end, most people are sheeple, and they’re only meant to be fleeced or slaughtered.

The funny thing is, most people don’t even realize they are sheeple.

Or is that ironic?


Doesn’t matter.

And for what it’s worth, the people should know that the New School is not pacifist.

Especially when it comes to Silver.

Ron Paul is Old School, and the New School will not stand for this, nor will the New School ask politely.



So-called ‘legendary’ investors say, “buy gold no matter the price”, and everybody’s like, “yeah, yeah, yeah!” and “rah, rah, rah!”.

Yet the same people who cheer on the mainstream say, “only an idiot would buy silver at $28 with these elevated premiums!”.

Amazing, isn’t it?

I’m pretty sick of it myself, and I’m pretty sick of most people.


It happens.

Indeed, I’d love to call out the names and put people on blast, and for everyone who wants to chase ‘Ol Half Dollar away, well, perhaps I will one day.


Who am I kidding?

I wouldn’t even waste my time.

The people that others think are “good guys” will show themselves for the disgusting, putrid pieces of sewage scum they really are.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, chill out man! Why are you so mad today?”.

Oh, no.

I’m not mad.

I am angry.

There’s a difference.

Mad is for the haters.

Angry are the strong.

Here’s the question of the day: To front run, or not to front run, the hyperinflation?

My wife and I have been discussing that a lot lately.

In fact, our bank accounts are whittled down to a solid nothin’, and idiot lenders still keep thowin’ ‘Ol Half Dollar money my way!

That is to say, people often say “cheap money isn’t available to the little guy”, and while I’m not all that little, much less cheap, or whatever, if one can borrow at 0.0%, or 2.5%, or heck, even 5.0%, over the course of many years, and if we assume both the government and the Fed understate inflation as a matter of policy, and to make matters worse, they’re both ready for inflation to “run hot”, then not if but when inflation takes off, that cheap money is like free money, is it?

Don’t judge.

I’d stick it to them and do my part to bring the system down, but I’ve been there and done that already, and I kinda like the new Bug Out Vehicle, and I do plan on keeping it, if not for me then for one of my kids.

Here’s a little story, and I’ll tell it as it relates to cars.

I do like cars, and I do like driving.

Who does not, and who wouldn’t?

I’ve lost count of how many vehicles I’ve owned throughout the years, but I’m pretty certain the number is over 30, plus two motorcycles, but there I go again.

Now, in typical fashion, I’m always early and rarely wrong.

In 2016, I bought an inflation hedge in the form of a wannabe rally car, and the long story short is that I was early on my timing.

Such is my luck.

This year, however, it seems I’m not that far off, and anybody who has priced a well equipped truck, or any new vehicle for that matter, really, knows what I’m talking about.

It’s getting ridiculous out there.

Now, before I go any further, don’t get to thinking I’m saying “mortgage your house to buy silver!”.

I’m not saying that, and I won’t say that.

In fact, I don’t think anybody should ever tell somebody what to do.

That said, here in late 2020, if the era of inflation is here, why not grab a brand spankin’ new beater, with seven miles on it and nary a fart, plenty capable, nicely equipped, in four wheel drive, with a standard transmission, some pretty sweet creature comforts, and all for less than thirty seven grand?

And if the bank, or if the manufacturer, or if the whoever is dumb enough to loan me the money at terms that will surely lose out to inflation, then why the heck not?

And that sums up my first and overall point: US dollar savings, be them in a checking account, a savings account, or some other short-term investment, are rapidly losing value.

I see it every time I go out and about with all of the empty shelves and all of the elevated prices.

So, in the spirit of front running the hyperinflation, here are just a few more points, in no particular order.


One thing I’ve been thinking of doing, and actually doing, is maintaining the minimum in my bank accounts while purchasing items to capture the savings.

For example, I buy silver every month, but in addition to that, I’ve also been buying extras here and there, whenever I find a deal.

I’ll buy an extra package of toilet paper because it doesn’t go bad and has multiple uses, and I’ll buy an extra 5 pound bag of rice because it stores well, is filling, and my family likes rice cooked 8 ways from Sunday.

We’ve been thinking in terms of other stuff now, too, and an example of this is tennis shoes.

While my kids’ feet are growing, Wifey’s and mine are not, so having an extra pair of new, good quality tennis shoes when I can find a good deal on something like Asics, New Balance, Brooks, or something like that is now something that’s actively on our radar.

Is anybody else rethinking their savings in this way?

The Giddy-up Pick ‘Em Up Truck and Credit

You don’t need a sports car parked in your garage when one of your kids just got her Learner’s Permit and the other kid’s Learner’s Permit is in the chute.

No way, Jose!

No, that’s not my son’s name.

That’s a joke, and I hope it’s not politically correct.

Stick with me.

Here’s the thing: Lord knows how I drove and what I did when I was a young teenager, and let’s just say it’s a Christmas Miracle I’m still alive!

Nonetheless, every thinking person knows that they’re going to inflate the debt away, and if I were one of those people, these would be my thoughts: Since it’s a hyperinflation, the thing is to get the goods before the hyperinflation kicks in.

You don’t want to be buying a car during the hyperinflation because terms will change as the monetary landscape changes, and all sorts of opportunities will have already been scooped-up by rational, thinking people who had the foresight and took the risk to move before the herd.

I was willing to pay cash, you know, but when the terms are still stupid low over stupid long timelines, why the heck not get in front of the herd all the while funding it with funny money?

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, what if we have a bout of deflation?”.

Then it will most certainly go down less.

But that’s the wrong bet.



I’m keen on not just Gold & Silver, but also on skills, and if one has “money” in the bank losing value, why not use some of it to aquire the things that can be matched with the skills.

If you’re a painter, then maybe some extra brushes, or maybe a van?

If your a welder, maybe some additional tools, parts & consumables?

My point about skills is that we’re all going to need them to be able to adapt to the New Dysfunctional, and if you’re a one trick pony, um, yeah.

Good luck with that.


Do I really need to make any points here?


I bring all of this up, not to brag and surely not to boast but to forewarn.

The signs of the US Dollar Hyperinflation are all around us, everywhere.

Fortunately for the humble stacker and smart investor, the sheeple think “oh, that’ll never happen”.

Uh, wait.

On second thought, the sheeple don’t think.

The sheeple just are.

They are the enablers, the apologists, the armchair quarterbacks and all of the rest of the people out there who think they are what they are not and who think they know what they do not.

They won’t accept reality until they see the headlights, and by that time, it’ll be one second too late.

Right now, however, it is a nice time to be a user of US dollars:

It’s not like we have a choice, really, for now, and if your goal is surviving and possibly even thriving in the fiat currency crisis, then use this strength to your advantage.

The advantage is not found in government paper:

That’s just a derivative of the dollar anyway, and it doesn’t take a World Class Statistician to see the heavy hand of intervention there.

For all of the talk about a stock market crash, so far it hasn’t really been a big deal:

All it has been so far is a fleecing of the sheep, for who knows what purpose?

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, isn’t that another way of saying if you’re trusting in the financial markets, you’re going to lose your shirt?”.

Good question, and yes, I am saying that.

And I’ll take it one step further: If one knows there is very heavy handed central bank and government interventions in these last gasp stages of the US dollar system in general and the dollar-denominated financial markets specifically, then it’s either trust the system and lose your shirt at some unknown point in time, which usually falls in line with Murphy’s Law, or be right but be early.

As you can imagine, I don’t really like that Murphy fella, and I surely don’t trust the central bank or the government, so it’s definitely the latter.

Again, for all of the talk of fear in the markets, I’m not really seeing it:

The funny thing about fear, however, is that it’s not something you anticipate, but rather, it’s something that happens abruptly.

You know, like, BOOM!

And stuff.

Stuff’s gonna cost a lot more if copper has anything to say about it:

Copper is not saying “inflation is coming”, but rather, copper is saying, “it’s almost too late”.

Remember: Just as there are infinite numbers between zero and one, the US dollar will not fall to absolute zero, but it will fall just enough, and it’s already fallen so much already, which means that this last little bit will surely be quick.

Oil, oil, everywhere, but not a drop to, um, wrong song:

Is that a higher-low I see there?


Just kidding.

Everybody knows it’s a lower-high!


Just kidding again!

Everybody knows the charts don’t matter.


Just kindly ask for over eighty ounces of silver for one single ounce of gold:

You could, if the charts mattered, but in the real world, you can’t, so what’s that say about the charts?

Maybe it says the only thing they are good for this Friday evening is realizing that one can obtain platinum at one heck of a discount right now:

Over ten percent off, year-to-date, is not a bad sale on what meets all of the qualities of money and of what will meet that eventual fate sooner or later as the flight to safety, the flight to quality, or the flight to whatever takes off.

Palladium is banging around $2200.

Don’t worry fellow stackers and other smart investors, for palladium will be on that flight too.

Bottom line as we find ourselves here this beautiful Friday in late September?

People always ask what to do during the hyperinflation.

In my opinion, that is the wrong question to ask.

It comes down to what do you do before it?

If it’s about to spark off, then front run it.

That is not what I myself would do.

That’s what I’m actually doing.

I don’t trust Government.

Surely not the Fed.

Trust ourselves.

Time’s now?

Has been.



Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


About the Author

U.S. Army Iraq War Combat Veteran Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart has an AS in Information Systems and Security from Western Technical College and a BA in Spanish from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Paul dived into gold & silver in 2009 as a natural progression from the prepper community. He is self-studied in the field of economics, a former amateur trader, and a Silver Bug at heart.

Paul’s free book Gold & Silver 2.0: Tales from the Crypto can be found in the usual places like Amazon, Apple iBooks & Google Play, or online at Paul’s Twitter is @Paul_Eberhart.