4 Things Happening This Weekend Could Have Huge Impact In Markets Monday

SD Friday Wrap: It may be Friday, and March may be winding-down, but this is one heck of a minefield we’ve got to make it through before Monday…


Always a weekend.

When big things happen.

They always happen over the weekend.

That’s how the Deep State and the globalists like it.

It is much easier to slip in bad news when people are distracted.

And there are at least four events that could spell-out bad news for the markets.

In no particular order, let’s briefly discuss BREXIT, the border, Venezuela & Basel III.

Individually, each event may not have such a huge impact on the markets.

But if a couple of these events turn problematic, then come Monday.

The world may be in a very different place than it is in today.

Not in a “Nixon closing the gold window” kind of way.

We know that one weekend that will happen.

I’m just not so sure this weekend.

So without any further ado.

Less this one sentence.

And this one too.

Let’s begin.



Or Forgetabrexit?

That’s what I like to call it.

Because that’s what it’s about.

I mean, we live in the modern world.

That means things can happen pretty fast.

Like instant communication around the world.

Or like fast travel via planes, trains, & automobiles.

Yet it takes three freakin’ years for the UK to leave the EU?

Regardless, it’s crunch time heading into this weekend.

What has been an “orderly” three years, so to say.

May turn disorderly in a matter of mere hours.

That would mean geo-political uncertainty.

And uncertainty is bad for the markets.

It is also good for gold and silver.

They are in fact true hedges.

The world may learn that.

Especially if it’s like.

We’re only days?


For the.




Um, OK, who’s there?

20,000 illegal immigrants.

20,000 illegal immigrants who?

20,000 illegal immigrants in a new caravan.

They’re headed through Mexico to the US border.

Yet nobody can stop them in their tracks, that’s who!

President Trump is all fired-up over this once again.

The “National Emergency” back to front & center.

Well, after walking thousands of miles on foot.

And illegally crossing into two other nations.

For another “migrant caravan” is en route.

We’ll be right back to where we were.

Threats close to the border again.

It’s not a big deal on its own.

But with everything else?

There’s little room.

For mistakes.

Very little.




Oh yes.


That pesky thorn.

And it is worse now.

Russian military’s there.

And we just upped-the-ante.

It is more than just geo-politics.

It is literally an undeclared proxy war

Between the United States and Russia.

If you haven’t been paying attention.

It may now be the time to start.

Because what’s at stake.

Is only the US Empire.

Stopped in its tracks.

By a Russian bear.

That’s no good.

For the dollar.

For gold?




And Basel III.

Is set to go live.

A new dawn for gold?

I don’t think it is immediately.

But, again, when taken as a whole.

It is just one more big event.

On top of the other three.

I think it’s can-kicking.

But now to Monday.

Gold’s even more.

Better money.

As always.




What if the Deep State/globalists lose control of one of these three events?

And what if the Deep State/globalists lose control of the narrative?

That could spark a move into the safety of gold & silver.

Just when the cartel has worked so hard.

To build up faith in the system.

They will bring it down.

Are they ready?

We’ll see.

The stock market is slightly positive on the week:

It’s looking to me like we’re getting ready to roll-over.

Keep in mind the four events when checking out the fear gauge:

If something happens this weekend that effects the markets come Monday, investors will surely be blindsided, judging by the lack of fear.

There must be fear, however, because the bond market isn’t fooled:


While recovering slightly over the last two days, rates are still down on the week.

People think the US dollar is back:

The dollar is simply in a holding pattern, which means for the time being, the dollar-priced gold & silver stackin’s good.

By now everybody knows what happened to gold on Thursday:

We never reclaimed $1300 to close out the week.

The cartel has been absolutely brutal towards silver:

To think, we were still touching the 50-day moving average on Monday.

Palladium is down a couple hundred bucks:

Manipulation deniers say gold sold-off yesterday because people and even nations needed to raise cash, only I think that is the case with palladium, because with palladium, the profit is there, but with gold, having gone nowhere since January, and in a pull-back since mid-February, I don’t see much profit to tap into like I do with palladium.

Platinum is nearly unchanged on the week:

Putting it into perspective, however, the simple fact is that platinum has a crap-ton of catching-up to do.

Copper is finishing the week above $2.90:

We may get that upside break-out next week.

As crude oil finishes the week with a 60-handle:

I think we see break-out moves in crude oil very soon.

Finally, well, check out the gold-to-silver ratio:


The arbitrage play on the ratio is truly a once-in-a-cycle opportunity.

What’s the bottom line as we wind down the month of March?

It may be Friday, but there is plenty of weekend ahead.

There are four things going on right now.

In which the stakes are very high.

With little room for mistakes.

I don’t know about you.

But I make mistakes.

If you’re a human.

Then so do you.

Gold & silver?

They correct.


Oh yes.



Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


About the Author

U.S. Army Iraq War Combat Veteran Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart has an AS in Information Systems and Security from Western Technical College and a BA in Spanish from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Paul dived into gold & silver in 2009 as a natural progression from the prepper community. He is self-studied in the field of economics, an active amateur trader, and a Silver Bug at heart.

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