Former Trump Fed Contender Stephen Moore: Are Interest Rates In The U.S. Going Negative?

Stephen Moore says, “It looks like the fed finally took my advice,”…

Josh Sigurdson interviews Stephen Moore on World Alternative News

Josh Sigurdson talks with former head contender for the Federal Reserve Stephen Moore as many questions the current state of the economy and whether we are heading into a recession. Stephen Moore has been considered the top critic of the Federal Reserve and President Trump listens to his advice. Meanwhile, Stephen Moore’s approach is simply that interest rates are too high and need to come down. Well, it appears that the Federal Reserve alongside countless other global economies will be bringing down interest rates in the next few weeks. Will rates go negative? With friendly debate and interesting conversation, Stephen Moore counters our notion (and the belief of millions of others including top experts) that we are in a technical depression. Moore praises cryptocurrency counter to President Trump’s recent claims that Bitcoin is worthless and the US dollar is the greatest. Stay tuned as we continue to bring you the latest news!