Food Price Inflation TRIPLE RED ALERT: Walmart Hikes Pasta Prices 12%, Costco Hikes Price Of Water Another 20%, And Coca-Cola (Coke) DISAPPEARS From Store Shelves!

The US is turning Venezuelan! The opportunity to stock up at affordable prices is rapidly ending…

(by Half Dollar) The last time I bought pasta was thirteen days ago.

You see, I don’t just talk about this stuff:

I actually do what I say to do.

Granted, I was probably the first person on Earth to most recently shout “buy pasta right now” in an article I wrote on February 24, 2022, and believe me, I don’t shout these things for the glory, much less for the money.

Oh no, for the good fortune of being right before anybody else is ridicule at best.

Nonetheless, I said to buy as much pasta as possible generally, and I said to buy the 1-pound boxes of “Great Value” pasta specifically, which were $0.82 per pound at the time.

And while I should have been checking prices daily, something happened just yesterday that made me check the price today:


Of course, navigating the US dollar hyperinflation is not hard, for all one has to do is stop gambling in the Rigged Casino, step out of the Echo Chamber, stop spoonfeeding the Beast, and start disregarding everything the Wannabe Alternative Media, the Pseudo-Contrarians, the Brainwashed Masses, the Sleazy Opportunists, and the Worse have to say.

Shameless Plug Time: I was also talking about Walmart pasta specifically in a video on March 10th, 2022:

Thank you for your consideration.

There’s a reason ‘Ol Half Dollar is in exile by the so-called Gold & Silver “Advocates”, you know.

Regardless, “…the price of pasta has to go up very soon…” and “…it’s like imminent…” were some of my exact words.

Hear them for yourself (video will auto-play at correct timestamp):

Naturally, the Pure Evil in all of this is that the only people who heard those words weren’t really the people who directly needed to hear them.


Doesn’t matter.

Hopefully the complete collapse of the United States and the final destruction of the US dollar happen super fast, because that’s the only way we get less Economic Misery and Financial Ruin.

In fact, anybody not doing his or her part to speed up the collapse and the destruction are enabling if not outright cheerleading the Human Suffering.


However, the collapse and the destruction may actually happen very, very fast.

Because just yesterday, Wifey informed me that at Costco the price of water, yes, water, as in, one of the most basic essential ingredients for human life, had gone up by more than a whopping 20% from the last time we purchased water only 10 days ago, from $3.39 to $3.99:


Now, It has been less than 24 hours since Wifey made that purchase, so I currently can’t show it in this article:

But believe me when I say the price for the same exact water is now $3.99, or, said differently, the price of water has seen a more than 20% price hike!

Costco’s purchase history search functionality is horrendous, by the way, but Costco is the King of Scamflation, so there’s that too.

But are you ready for the real kicker?

Here’s the price of water in January of 2021:


According to my math, that’s like an increase in price of over 33% in barely one year.

Yikes again!

Do the prices on stuff like this ever really go back down after they go up?

Sure, the question was rhetorical, but let me go ahead and spoil it for you: No.

They don’t.

But wait, there’s more!

That’s right folks.

Because you may be thinking, “food and water, who needs that?”.

But it’s so much worse than that, really.

Because Costco has been out of Coca-Cola (Coke) for five days.

Five days!

That’s totally unacceptable.

So yikes again, again!

People laugh at me when I say to get ready for $10 loaves of bread, $35 bottles of ranch salad dressing, $1,500 tennis shoes, and $15,000 plane tickets.


They won’t be laughing for long.

Eat salad…