Food Integrity Is VITAL To Preparedness

“If ‘you are what you eat,’ you have good reason to be concerned…”

Joel Salatin interviewed on Reluctant Preppers

If “you are what you eat,” you have good reason to be concerned that the food you eat and feed your children and store up for emergencies will make you really healthy. But in a world filled with corporate & government takeovers, global supply-chain re-shipment re-characterization, government redefinitions of organic labeling, and corporations deceptively hiding GMOs, WHAT CAN YOU STILL DO TO BE AWARE AND PREPARED ABOUT YOUR FOOD SUPPLY?

Joel Salatin, renowned activist farmer, author, speaker, and co-founder of Polyface Farms, returns to Reluctant Preppers to set us back on the path to empowerment and informed creativity, to reclaim food emancipation. Salatin reveals that the solution is local, small-scale and close to home, not from big corporations & big government regulations. Salatin spells out how to connect, get knowledge, and start making informed choices for our families’ survival and our common good! Found out how building a hedge of relational and skilled equity protection around ourselves is a sure and trustworthy way to freedom and full life!

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