Final Tax Bill Is RIDDLED With Loopholes And Will Take Us To $40,000,000,000,000 In Debt

Peter Schiff breaks down the final version of the tax bill and demonstrates that it’s going to be a disaster. Here’s why…

by Peter Schiff of the Peter Schiff Podcast

Peter Schiff is out with his analysis of the tax bill as it stands today. Peter thinks it will get pushed through because the Republicans are desperate for a victory. That said, Peter thinks the bill is a total disaster. It’s a total disaster not only because it complicates the tax code even more, but it is riddled with loopholes that the government is underestimating their impact. Peter says that sooner or later, the people who actually make and pay taxes are going to figure out how to pay even less in taxes. In the end, the government is not going to collect what they thought, government spending is not going to wane, and we’re staring down another doubling of the national debt under President Trump.

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