FEMA DIRECTOR: “This Is Not Martial Law, The Department Of Defense By Way Of Mission…”

If it looks like Martial Law, is brutal like Martial Law, and can do whatever the heck it wants like Martial Law, it’s Martial Law…

(Silver Doctors Editors) The Coronavirus Task Force just finished holding its daily Press Briefing for Sunday, March 22nd.

During the briefing, Martial Law was basically announced:

The FEMA Director basically announced Martial Law by means of the thinly veiled “Title 32 Status”.

And what does Title 32 Status mean?

It means that the various National Guards of the various states are standing up right now, and it’s all on Uncle Sam’s dime.

Some might be thinking, “yeah, but the units are under control of the individual states!”.

And to that I would say, well, not only don’t bite the hand that feeds you, but do what Master likes, and the hand may just feed you more.

For those who are confused, here’s what Title 32 Status is in a nutshell, from FEMA’s own Training Manual:

Honest question: How exactly is that not Martial Law when a state can be forced to “support Federal requirements”, and not only that, but do it with an epic amount of carte blanche ambiguity in the cross-referencing of things such as the Secretary of Defense, and the Stafford and Economy Acts, which themselves cross-reference other cross-references which cross-reference a gazillion other cross-references?

But wait, there’s more!

That’s right!


Sweet up-armored military vehicles, fancy new assault rifles, and all sorts of high-tech goodies are comin’ your way, wink-wink!

And Trump is indeed ready to spend whatever it takes, so the states are lovin’ it:

It will take a whole lot of goodies to de-populate much of America.

So yeah, it may not be QE, and it may not be Martial Law.

But get ready for massive inflation too.

Though it won’t be called that.

It’ll be much worse.