Pandemic, genetic, financial, social and military engineering have unleashed nothing but misery, poverty, wars and affliction…

by David Bryan author of Two World Systems

The beast or the powers that be, have masterminded that we use money which is issued as debt, eat artificial foods, have a new world order of corporate governance, corporate owned fake news, corporate owned pompous politicians, wealth in the hands of a few people, perpetual wars against vulnerable resource rich countries, rigged markets, vaccine passports, genetically engineered crops, lockdowns, a system of social credits, facial recognition, no freedom of speech, artificial intelligence, perpetual surveillance, digital tracking, virtual universities, eugenics, child transgenderism, no need to vote, face masks and now there is to be a new legal definition of family which does not use the gender terms mother, father, sons, daughters, etc.

With such a malevolent and malignant power that continually undermines, or destroys everything we hold to be precious in life. It humbly and earnestly begs the question, as to whether the vaccine was developed because of the virus or whether the virus was developed as the means to implement the vaccine. Could the patented ingredients in the vaccine, prove to be much more deadly, invasive and destructive to humanity than the coronavirus? Do you trust the beast enough to surrender your natural immune system? 

With more than a full year of propaganda and having achieved unlimited control over our lives. Like the introduction of temporary airport pat downs in 2001 or the wars against innocent countries that followed. Like the income tax act, when the Federal Reserve was established in 1913 and then supposed to be a temporary measure. The pandemic has been the means to alter social behavior. Do you really think the beast, its bankers, politicians or corporations who benefit, have any desire or intention to give seven billion people back their inalienable rights to liberty, equality and fraternity? 

We know that energy is either a positive energy or a negative energy, each provides a totally different world and we choose one or the other. It is physics, where the positive world provides us with assured freedom and guaranteed prosperity from the binary with the prolific Universe. The negative is to enter the thinly veiled world of the beast, with its oppressive tyranny from all the mean, miserable and perverse ideology-isms that seek to dictate every aspect of our lives. Most of these ideology-isms, have been developed over the past one or two hundred years and their bureaucracy or relevance to humanity needs to be properly questioned.

We know that everything relates to cause and effect. What we have to grasp, is that every cause has a binary with energy and this binary determines the outcome. A seed that has binary with the earth, will produce a plant and perhaps hundreds of additional seeds. Knowledge in the mind of a child, is the binary that can guide them through life. In any sphere of undertaking, unity or success is accomplished with a correct binary. The world of the beast with its human misery and every perversion that is possible, comes from ideology. The binary of ideology creates division and not unity. Capital-ism is the divide of capital, monetarism is the divide of money, social-ism is the divide of society, militarism is the divide of countries, corporatism is the corporate divide, etc. It is totally obvious that ideological divisions such as capitalism, monetarism, corporatism, globalism, militarism and even Chinese communism have created an inequitable imbalance that has unequally favored a few with extremes of wealth, power and privilege. “Unity can only be manifested by the binary. Unity and the idea of unity are already two” – Buddha

A sovereign reset, must be based on the fact that we have the sun as the binary to provide a stable ecology. We have the family and family values as the binary to provide the basis for a civilized society. We have ample gold in the national treasury that can be revalued, or augmented if necessary to provide the binary required for a very prosperous economy. There is no logical argument as to why these binaries should not be respected. They categorically ensure there is a cyclical and natural regenerative ecology, a stable society and a flourishing economy. All personal debt can be legally and easily unbound, leaving the family home sovereign and unencumbered!

There is an Athenian binary system that would guarantee a representative and sovereign democratic government, which is “of the people, for the people and by the people.” Government is chosen by lot from the general populace! At first this may require placing our trust in the strength of human nature. However people ’that are of the people’ are from the compassionate, caring and well-balanced majority who regardless of their sex, age or education, have always been ready and willing to work for one another. They are people who if selected, are likely to legislate with immense honor and to have a great deal more compassion empathy, than all the aloof corporate owned demagogues of the institutionalized political parties! 

To guarantee prolific sustenance, good company, social values and prosperous commerce with assured freedom, requires the binary of the sun, the family and gold. Apart from these three, sustenance, company and commerce which are naturally available from the sun, the family and gold, we do not require much else in life. 

Prosperity which is wealth, health and happiness should be the most basic sovereign right available to everyone. 

Liberty, equality and fraternity are clearly not accomplished, by the despicable central bank use of debt, as the binary that pumps trillions to fund the new world order of corporate governance which serves to empower the privileged few. The binary of the sun, the family and gold end the tyranny of the beast, we have no need for global corporations, we have no need for political interference and no need for central banks. In fact ideologies are complete and absolute nonsense. They inequitably favor a few with extreme wealth, power and privilege and have ruined everything else that they have touched. Nutrients, wealth and power which are derived at another’s expense, provides the malefic ideological energy that enable the ruthless wrongdoings against the innocent. To use the proverb quoted by Copernicus: “There is no medicine for the bite of a parasite”.

The sun, the family and gold are nature’s binary and without any need to impose bureaucratic fear or give monstrous favors to a few, they assure the well being of every person. The sun is the enemy of the beast, it is the reason they genetically modify plant life, poison the land, kill the birds, bees and tiny insects. The family is the enemy of the beast, it is why they continually socially engineer to destroy the family and family values. Gold is the enemy of the beast, it is why they try to suppress gold from being used as the sovereign wealth of the people. There is no ambiguity whatsoever, like the air we breathe, science of the binary is sovereign to everyone. Science is the knowledge that removes the beast and ideologies are all about feeding the beast. 

As Homo sapiens we do not need the beast, we are each uniquely equipped to take total control over our own lives and from the binary with its energy, discover the astounding strength and creativity in every sphere of activity. The sole and extraordinary purpose of science is to discover the correct binary with energy, such as the sun that creates sustenance, the family that provides our emotional well being and gold that ensures sovereign prosperity. “In the order of nature, the cause must precede the effect, even though it appears to follow in point of time, and since every positive effect must have a positive cause.”  –  Galileo

David Bryan writes about the unequivocal, extra extraordinary revolutionary science of the binary that ends all forms of ideological control, as well as perfected knowledge and scientific thoughts on his web site www.purposeofscience.com and Two World Systems by David Bryan is available on Kindle Books.