Fed Vice Chair Threatens To Kill More Elderly American Savers & Enslave More Future US Workers (Or, It’s Almost TOO LATE To Get Gold & Silver)

When there’s “no limit” on how many bonds the Fed can buy, many elderly will be forced to make tough choices, and America’s youth don’t even get a choice…

(by Half Dollar) Some people think the Fed should be designated a Domestic Terrorist Organization and rightly brought to justice.

Especially when we read stuff like this, from Reuters (bold added for emphasis and commentary):

We have a lot of accommodation in place; there’s more that we can do, there’s more that we will do,” Clarida told CNN International. And while evidence of an economic rebound in May and June was “very welcome,” the Fed is following the course of the virus closely as it will determine the course of the economy, he said.

There is “no limit” on how many bonds the U.S. central bank can buy…

Quite the confidence there.

It’s too bad that confidence, coerced via the active suppression of interest rates, will translate into elderly American savers having to pick their poison between starving to death (not eating), dying of disease (because the meds are too dang expensive) or dying of heat exhaustion because it costs to much to run the air conditioning.

But that’s what happens when you murder the time value of money, you know.

It’s also too bad that America’s youth are being sold down the river, and they have no say in the matter as those future workers are forcefully destined into debt slavery by our supposed “leaders”.

How tragic: Anybody can say “Black Lives Matter”, nobody can say “White Lives Matter”, you can say “All Lives Matter” if you want to get fired from your job, but nobody gives a dang about America’s future.

Their enslavement matters not.

It should be noted that the Fed’s “accommodation”, as Clarida put it, is not for you or for me, but for the corrupt Fed itself and its bestest buddies on Wall Street and in Washington.

Regardless, when we live under an Unconstitutional Monetary System with unbacked, debt-based fiat currency dependent on exponential, unsustainable growth, no limit is indeed what the math demands.

And it should really come as no surprise to anybody who can think for himself or herself, nor should the Fed’s actions come as any surprise.

Because if an idiot like me could see it for what it was (and is):

Millions of people are about to quickly become experts in hyperinflation.

Only, not in a good way.

Shameless plug time: Rob Kirby and I discussed these things just today:

And indeed, there may very well (theoretically) be “no limit” to how many bonds the Fed can buy, but there is in fact a very hard limit on the amount of silver the cartel (which includes the Fed) can find to keep silver’s price suppressed.

And I think we’re very close to that limit now.