Fed Just Pumped $142+ Billion IN 1 DAY Of Repo Market Manipulation To Suppress Interest Rates

We now have daily Fed interventions to the tune of 100’s of billions of dollars, per day…


The joke’s on you, savers!

Double ha!

The joke’s on you too, Main Street!

The Fed has pumped tens of billions of dollars into the banking system, daily, for how many days in a row?

I’ve lost count.

The Fed absolutely refuses to allow free markets to work, and if there was ever any doubt, there should be no longer: The Fed, a private organization with a .gov website address, has been pumping money into the repo market for several days in a row.

Today, we have a new twist on the repo operation that we’ve not seen in a decade – the “14 day term”.

Here’s a breakdown of today’s money printing repo operations, from the New York Fed:

The Totals from the two repo operations equal $142,200,000,000.

Here’s a look at the Fed’s balance sheet, which isn’t even up-to-date:

It’s funny, you know, in a pathetic kind of way, because how exactly does the “data dependent” Fed not have up-to-date data?

I mean, the Fed’s latest update to the chart above was six days ago!

Yesterday, Mike and I discussed how the MSM is trying to ignore this, or brush it off as if it is no big deal:

It is actually a big deal.

Quantitative easing, a Fedspeak way of saying “money printing”, is back and with a vengeance.

Even if, today, yet again, a quick scan of Bloomberg’s home page shows zero coverage of the latest Fed repo operations, which, after the inclusion term loans, just got kicked-up to a whole new level.

Do the propagandists merely hear, see or speak no evil?

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, you said it was to suppress interest rates, but is that just you sayin’ those things?”.

Good question.

No, it is not just me saying those things.

It is the Fed saying those things, such as right here when we first reported on the repo operations last week:

The US financial system’s in crisis.

The Fed will not admit that it is.

Our politicians won’t tell us.

The sheeple won’t learn.

Until it is way too late.

Markets are rigged.

All of the time.


In silver.



Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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