Fed Has NO IDEA Where The Inflation Went As Stock Market Capitalization Is 139% Of GDP

Michael Pento tells Max Keiser “I’m scared out of my pants about what can happen”. Here’s an update on the status of the credit markets… 

Michael Pento interviewed on Max Keiser

For an all-out discussion on the credit markets and the Fed, here’s a dive into the discussion into the market dislocations that the latter has caused with respect to the bond, credit, and real estate markets.

The problems are so large that Michael says the stock market capitalization is 139% of the economy.

This is leading Michael, a money manager, to become very nervous about what is coming to the economy.

Is a credit crash just ahead?

Max and Stacy discuss what it looks like when credit markets go nuts as the ECB’s monster bond bubble drives euro junk bonds lower than US Treasurys. Max interviews Michael Pento of PentoPort.com about the latest in market euphoria. Will it crash? And, if so, when?