Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s Lie Of The Day: “We are Limited By The Ability To Take Losses”

What’s the truth? The Fed never has to take a loss. Here’s why…

(by Half Dollar) Is anybody else sick of this?

I know I am.

The Fedspeak isn’t even b-rate hollywood good anymore.

It’s actually pretty appalling.

That said, Powell just claimed the Fed is limited by the ability to take losses.

Here’s the exchange in its entirety, if you can stomach it:

The Fed is not limited by the ability to take losses.

In reality, until the Fed is abolished, the Fed is only limited to two very specific things:

The Fed is limited in the number of elderly American savers it can kill, because elderly savers are a finite supply, and the Fed is limited in the number of future Americans it can enslave, because future slaves are a finite supply.

The Fed is un-audited and unaccountable, with the exception of being audited by and accountable to its puppet masters.

Even if the Fed was to be audited by the United States Government, which isn’t even one of the Fed’s puppet masters, under the pretense of “national security”, We the People wouldn’t even get a real audit, but whatever the Deep State Globalists want to give us.

“We are limited by the ability to take losses”.

Sure you are…