Fauci Tells Senate: ‘Indefinite Lockdown!’ Why Do We Keep Listening To Him?

Fauci went before US Senators today to warn against opening too soon. How long must we continue listening to this “expert” who’s gotten everything wrong?

by Ron Paul of Ron Paul Liberty Report

Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared before a US Senate Committee today to warn Senators against opening the country after the coronavirus outbreak. Opening too soon – before a vaccine – will bring needless death and suffering, he said. No mention of the needless death and suffering caused by the lockdown itself – cancer treatments cancelled, surgeries cancelled, Depression-level economic collapse, depression, suicide, abuse. How long must we continue listening to this “expert” who has gotten everything wrong thus far?


Editors’ Note: Of interest during Fauci’s appearance:

And the full “virtual” hearing (via Fox News):