FALSE FLAG ALERT: U.S. With Trump’s Authorization Just Started Funding The White Helmets In Syria Again

We literally just reported that Russia is warning of another impending staged chemical attack in Syria, and now we learn this. Here’s the details…

The timeline of events is important.

First, the Russians warned the world that U.S. was training militants to carry out chemical attacks in Syria.

Three weeks later, there was a “chemical attack” in Syria, which prompted President Trump to launch 103 missiles against three Syrian targets.

We came to learn that the attack was “staged” and that it never really happened.

See our page on “Chemical Attack” for many articles establishing the attack was a staged false flag.

President Trump then cut funding to the White Helmets.

Many Syrians came forward to bear witness that the chemical “attack” the U.S. used as justification to strike Syria was staged:

Here’s the specific story of the 11 year-old Hassan Diab:

Fast forward to today, and we get word that Russia is once again warning of an impending staged chemical attack in Syria.

Assuming the Russian warning is credible, which it was the last time, it is difficult to say how much time will pass before there is another “attack”, but, things obviously just took a turn for the worse today.

The State Department has released a statement that President Trump has just authorized funding for the White Helmets:

Here’s the entire release from the State Department website:

So, let’s recap:
  1. The White Helmets stage a chemical attack in Syria
  2. The attack is used as justification for the U.S. (plus elements of the U.K. & France) to launch a military strike against Syria
  3. The White Helmets are de-funded by by the U.S. by President Trump.
  4. Peace seems to be spreading around the world, including a Historic Summit between President Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un
  5. The Russians warn the world (the very same week of the Historic Summit) that another staged attack in Syria is “impending”
  6. President Trump has authorized U.S. funding for the White Helmets again

Not only is it “game-on” for the White Helmets again, but the State Department is hitting Twitter hard today with the anti-Russia in Syria propaganda:

So here’s the $64,000 question: Is a false flag attack, either real or staged, imminent?

Do we have days?

Do we have weeks?

Something is not right in the world of geo-politics.

The Deep State seems to be restless.

Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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