EXPOSED: The EXACT Way To End Silver Market Manipulation And END IT FAST!

It’s so utterly simple, but can it be done?

(by Half Dollar) I don’t really feel like writing much today or going over the charts, and I don’t even feel like doing a shameless plug, but if you didn’t get the memo, or the Tweet, or whatever, since there are now more all-knowing silver experts, gurus, and pundits on this planet than there are grains of sand, there should be no shortage of high quality, top notch analysis, unlike the shortage of actual silver.

I do have one point to make, however, regarding pretty much everything, including, well, this:

If in the most minuscule of ways you value Freedom, Liberty, and Honest Money, gold & silver, and if you want the vile, corrupt evilness that has been destroying the markets and our economy to come to its end, then Starve the Beast.

There is no other way,

Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart