EVERYTHING Just Changed In The Biggest Possible Way (And The Markets Are Oblivious)

SD Friday Wrap: Going straight to the top of Iran’s military by taking out Soleimani doesn’t finish things, it only gets them started…

First, well, this:

I could barely stomach those four odd minutes.

The “silent majority” might have stood with Candidate Trump in 2016, but I really don’t think they stand with President Trump now.

Shoe-in for re-election, huh?

That’s the funny thing about hubris, you know?

For now, however, most Americans think that we just defeated Iran!


Just wow.

If we are to believe the recent chain of events, let’s recap what has happened:

  • Iran has been attacking the US embassy in Iraq, repeatedly.
  • The US launched missile strikes in Iraq and Syria in retaliation.
  • Iran stormed the US embassy in Iraq in retaliation to the US retaliation.
  • The US retaliates by killing the 2nd most important person in Iran, the highest ranking military officer.

And that’s it?

We have defeated Iran?

Ended the war with a single death blow?

Or so the chest-pumpers chanting “USA!, USA!, USA!” want us to believe?

I have a question, assuming the chain of events are true as we’ve been told (which I would not assume): Why would there not be another retaliation even bigger than Iran “violently attacking the US embassy in Baghdad”?

Trump killing Soleimani does not make things better, but rather, it makes things worse.

Much worse.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, you don’t get it man, Iran has proxies all over the place ready to commit acts of terror against the United States!”.


Swap “Iran” with “United States” and we can see that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.

The real question is how does the rest of the world see this incident, especially the non-Muslim world?

If I were a bettin’ man, which I’m not, sans a few scratch-off lotto tickets for stocking-stuffers at Christmas time, I would say that most of the world is looking at the United States as the aggressor here.

Besides, I’m not the one saying that Iran has been attacking the US embassy in Iraq, President Trump is:

And now President Trump has gone well beyond an incremental escalation of force.

We talked extensively about this in our live-stream today, which, of course, was instantly demonetized, which means Mike and I were probably talking about some pretty important stuff the mainstream doesn’t want getting out:

And we’re not the only ones saying what we’re saying.

An hour later, Ron Paul’s Liberty Report basically said the same thing we did:

Only, where we didn’t, they even went so far as to say that this actually could be an impeachable offense, and that’s very telling.

Especially when we see stuff like this:

Which kinda makes one wonder where allegiance lies, were it not already obvious enough, and for many years.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, you still don’t get it man, that guy was a terrorist, responsible for the deaths of millions, and he had to be taken out, and not only that, but it’s a knock-out blow to Iran!”.

Well, I don’t agree with the strike, but I suppose.

Oh, wait.


I thought you were talking about Jerome Powell and the Fed!

My bad.

It has been a rough night, and an even rougher day, having to stomach all of the chest pumping for ‘Merica and the opening-up of a can of kick-butt on Iran.

That sinking feeling I’m getting is because what I think is about to happen is now very likely to happen.

And what do I think is about to happen?

Max pain.

That’s what.

Economic misery and financial ruin are coming to the United States.

But now, that’s not all that’s coming.

That’s right!

There’s more!

It seems they’re going to add in some random acts of terror, just to keep everybody nice and edgy, and I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if we see something on the scale of that terrible day back in September of 2001.

We’re in for some very dark times.

I hope I’m wrong, but I doubt it.

The Ayatollah of Iran said 3 days of mourning.

Which means that come Sunday night?

As the “markets” open back-up?

This is not good one bit.

Not good at all.


Meanwhile, silver is struggling to tread water above $18:

With silver’s price action today, you’d think Soleimani signed a Memorandum of Understanding with President Trump instead of Soleimani being reduced to nothing more than a bloated hand with a fat red ring.

Gold is right back at striking-distance of multi-year highs, however:

There’s no doubt the cartel is feeding as much paper gold as they can into the market to try and keep prices from rising too fast.

If we’ve been close to kissing 80 on the gold-to-silver ratio goodbye, we’re really close now:

Some people are thinking silver will lag gold, and for quite some time, but I do not think that.

At the rate we’re going, we could be waving goodbye to 80 next week!

Palladium is near all-time highs again:

With what just went down in the Middle East, it’s possible the technicals signal “overbought” for longer than many think is possible.

Platinum, of course, was the star of this week’s show:

I’ve been talking about a quick run to $1,000, and well, here we are, and with room to run!

The commodities ended the week on an interesting note.

Check out copper’s bearish engulfing candle:

We could trade down to $2.75 here, but we’re about to find out, in my opinion, that inflation is very real and very here.

Besides, check out that golden cross.


Crude oil is about to see the fear premium kicking-in:

Combine the fear premium, with, oh, say, another “Iranian drone attack” on some Saudi oil processing facilities, and we could really see the price for a barrel of crude moving higher in a hurry.


The stock market’s hit all-time highs just as recently as yesterday:

The stock market was temporarily shut-down after the 9/11 attacks, and if recent events don’t spell “g-e-t-o-u-t-n-o-w”, I’m not sure what will?

Among all of this, there’s still barely an eyebrow raised in concern:

Let’s not forget that it was not only Soleimani, either, but also a very high ranking Iraqi, among others, that was taken-out in the drone strikes yesterday.

I don’t think the dollar becomes a “safe haven” in light of the developments:

That is to say, if the rest of the world sees the United States as the player that’s in the wrong here, then we’re not going to get a flight into the dollar, but rather, a flight away from the dollar.

Besides, check out that death cross.


They are, however, succeeding in getting yield to move lower:

And this will be the case until the market riggers lose control of the bond market.

Bottom line as we find ourselves here this beautiful first Friday of 2020?

I have been sounding the alarm on Iran since December 26th.

We’re shifting from “booming economy” to dark times.

If you believed the narrative in the first place.

If what I’ve been warning is happening?

Then we’re in for some big trouble.

And it will not be contained.

Not to the Middle East.

It will be global.


And here.



Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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U.S. Army Iraq War Combat Veteran Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart has an AS in Information Systems and Security from Western Technical College and a BA in Spanish from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Paul dived into gold & silver in 2009 as a natural progression from the prepper community. He is self-studied in the field of economics, an active amateur trader, and a Silver Bug at heart.

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