EVERYTHING! Copper, Tortilla Chips, (Silver?): Real-World Inflation Fire Rages, Dollar-Based Paper & Digital Financial Assets To Burn Down!

Musical Chairs? No! US Dollar Hot Potato has begun, only, it’s more like a hand grenade than a potato, and by grenade, it’s more like a nuclear bomb…

(by Half Dollar) It looks like I’m going to be proven wrong about silver getting hammered into the teens one last time, but I’m not ready to rule that out just yet.

For we should not totally disregard the cover of a “crashing” stock “market” or “rising” interest rates to bring the hammer and thus the pain, nor should we underestimate the Cartel’s spite, but wow!

Who else is impressed by the super fast rising prices all around us?

I mean, it’s going to be no time before the food riots begin!

And no, I’m not looking forward to them by any means, but they’re unavoidable, because it’s just the basic mathematical result of an unbacked, debt-based fiat currency system dependent on exponential, unsustainable growth, so we might as well understand what is and will be happing, and now, it seems like the food riots are coming to the real world very, very soon, as in imminently, if not sooner.


This is the World’s Reserve Currency, after all, and soon to be the Former World’s Reserve Currency, so this fire is going to engulf the entire globe, burning the poorest, the weakest, and the people least able to sustain themselves first, only to quickly affect everyone in one way or another, and quickly to affect every single thing.

Here’s the last time I tried to buy tortilla chips at the stable price of $0.92:

Walmart canceled that order on us, and I have my suspicions as to why, but notice that order was March 3, 2021, as in, barely two months ago.

I like those Walmart brand tortilla chips, not because they’re cheap in price, although since I am a cheapskate, I love that fact, but rather, the Walmart brand tortilla chips don’t come mostly all broken in the bag.

I hate broken chips.

But I digress.

With two growing teens in the house, as one can imagine, tortilla chips are a regular purchase, and I’ve noticed the price steadily going up over the last couple of months.

Last night, I noticed the price looked like it went up again, and this morning, Monday, May 10, 2021, I just went to look at the price again, and the sticker-shock is something to behold:

Last night, the price for the tortilla chips was $1.28, and this morning, the price is $1.32, and for those who like math, from the formerly stable price of $0.92 to today’s price of $1.32, that’s a price increase of almost 45% in barely 2 months!

Here’s the problem: If inflation has been understated for years, by way of official policy, or implied policy, or whatever, with the inflation we’ve already had in pretty much every single good that can be produced and in every single service that can be rendered, why would we not expect that after a couple of months of this, people will have to liquidate their paper assets just to survive in the real world of surging price inflation?

That is to say, if a person is heavy on paper or digital “wealth”, but light on food and other real wealth, such as gold & silver, wealth that not only keeps up with the hyperinflation but is also useful, won’t that person have to begin liquidating paper assets just to survive?

The inflation is going to feel to most people like taking a two-by-four to the back of the head.

Or can people simply brush off food prices rising 50% like it’s really no big deal?

What happens when food prices rise 100% more in a few months?

And then food prices rise another 100% from there?

And when some items become unaffordable?

And other items become unavailable?

With prices rising relentlessly?

And so on, and so forth?

No end in sight?

My, oh my!



Copper has surged to a new all-time record high:

If any of these infrastructure programs have anything to do with actual infrastructure, which is highly doubtful at this point, and if all of the money that will be used for infrastructure is not fraudulently wasted and abused, something that is highly probable and the most likely thing to happen at this point, then Uncle Sam is going to have to pay-up even more for raw materials.

Speaking of materials, I inquired about building a shed in my back yard, and there is now a “lumber surcharge”.

Go figure.

Go fill up your tank, and take advantage of this time to hedge against inflation while gas prices are still not entirely cost prohibitive:

Adapting to our new reality requires much time and energy, and hedging or stocking-up is best done methodically as opposed to hastily, especially when it comes to converting phony assets into real things.

If there is a hint of urgency in my voice today, well, that’s because our situation is dire:

Are they really fooling anybody with the fear gauge?

We could be in the stock market melt-up phase now:

Finally, hopefully, and good luck to all of the gamblers in the rigged casino!

It doesn’t really matter if the dollar index is a breakdown or a bear trap:

The dollar has already hyperinflated, of course.

The dollar will go even faster if they continue to suppress interest rates:

Hopefully they do continue to suppress interest rates because the faster the crack-up boom moves through society, the less death and destruction there will be.

Said differently, the longer it takes for the curtain to come down on the dollar, the more pain and suffering there will be on Main Street.

Those who are wise will be able to rebuild and prosper:

Silver Bugs, Stackers and other Smart Investors being the wisest of them all, of course.

One of my concerns is that the price inflation of everyday essential items moves faster than, for example, the price of gold:

The goal is, after all, to spend all of one’s dollars but none of one’s gold (or silver).

Palladium has taken the initiative:

Indeed, the Cartel is about to have a very huge problem on its hands.

Platinum will probably reach parity with gold before silver does:

Although I think the Cartel would rather let gold run than platinum.

Either way, fireworks are coming:

The question is, has the show already begun?

Thanks for reading.

Stack accordingly,

Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart