Chinese Govt Tracking Down People Who Bought Cough Or Fever Medicine Since January 20th

One of the great many benefits of the cashless society. That is, for a hard-line communist, totalitarian society…

(Silver Doctors EditorsIf you can’t go out, then you might as well just sit at a computer and investigate.

Communist Chinese style!

And it seems the Chinese are doing just that.

From Global Times (yellow highlight added for emphasis):

In other words, even if a person is not sick, but rather, is being pro-active, that’s more than enough reason for the government to track you down!

Just hope it’s not this police officer showing up at your door:

Because then those cough drops could have been all for naught.

This tracking down of citizens is another example of how the push to move everybody away from physical cash and into a totally digital currency system will be used by government against the people.

Gold & silver, in hand, before the crisis begins, is the ultimate in privacy.

If Covid-19 is the final piece of the puzzle needed for the Globalists to eliminate physical cash, once and for all, because in addition to being used by criminals, physical cash runs the risk of being contaminated with coronavirus, society is about to become even more Orwellian than before.

Is that level of Orwellian even possible?

It seems like we’re about to find out!