Not Even President Trump Can Get The Las Vegas Shooting Story Right

And It can’t really be called a “typo”. Perhaps a “wordo”. Here’s what the president just said, but more importantly, why it matters…

President Trump is out thanking divine intervention for giving the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police the ability to stop Kevin Paddock from killing even more people.

Even if it comes down to semantics (from CNBC):

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said that the shooter was found dead in a room on the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay in an apparent suicide. Lombardo said Paddock opened fire from the room, and there were no other shooters. Police said he had no known connection to terrorism.

Or, straight from from the LVMPD:

(Watch minute 23 for his cause of death).

Side note – Our military contact says it would be hard to know the police had even busted down the door. The room was dark, smokey, and the shooter, even if wearing ear-plugs, which the suicide photo does not show, would have been temporarily deafened by so much gunfire coming from his own doing. He would have been on pure adrenaline, and his 64 year old senses most likely would have never even heard or seen the police at that point…

One may have to look beyond the use of words and look to a possible deeper message.

President Trump is touting the official story. Whether or not there was a miracle is up to debate, and weather self-inflicted suicide considers being “stopped” is also up for debate.

However, one thing is clear.

For a time, Donald Trump, and even into Candidate Trump, questioned the official narrative of the most divisive date in modern U.S. history. We’ll leave it at that…