Warren Called-Out After Revealing She Made Millions Consulting Corporations & Financial Firms

Question is, did she trigger her socialist supporters, or inspire them to become marxi-millinoaires themselves?

(Silver Doctors Editors) Elizabeth Warren has made a lot of money during her time spent working as a consultant while also being a professor at Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania, and other schools.

From The Washington Post:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) earned nearly $2 million working as a consultant for corporations and financial firms while she was a law professor at Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania and other law schools, according to records her campaign abruptly released Sunday evening.

Warren’s consulting work often involved companies dealing with bankruptcy, which was her specialty as an academic. Her campaign had been asked repeatedly for the information and had declined to release it multiple times.

Her work for some of the companies doesn’t fit neatly with her current presidential campaign brand as a crusader against corporate interests.

For instance, the documents released Sunday show that Warren made about $80,000 from work she did for creditors in the energy company Enron’s bankruptcy and $20,000 as a consultant for Dow Chemical, a company that was trying to limit the liability it faced from silicone breast implants that were made by a connected firm.

Earlier this year, Warren had released a list of about 50 cases that she worked on, but the descriptions of the work were at times misleading and the amount of income and dates for her work were not included.

While the cases released by Warren’s campaign stretch over more than three decades, the figures disclosed Sunday show that nearly all of the money was made from cases filed after she got her job at Harvard in 1995. (Warren was elected to the Senate in 2012.).

The income includes about $212,000 for representing Travelers Indemnity Co. in 2009, and $190,000 for what her campaign described as representing a chain of department stores owned by PA Bergner & Co. in the mid-1990s.

Warren’s campaign did not release compensation information for all of the cases, reporting in some instances — including a case involving First Commercial Bank — that “the campaign has no compensation records for this case.”

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This Tweet pretty much sums up the hypocrisy:

The question is, did she trigger her socialist supporters, or inspire them to become marxi-millinoaires themselves?