Election Day 2020: Silver Price Worked Back Down (Trump Win?), MSM “Short” Voter Line Epic Fail!

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UPDATE II (3:30ish p.m. EST):

Here’s an epic fail by Reuters:

I mean, I guess that’s a short line for using amateurish drone footage and including everything within the cropped-off camera angle, but then again, I’m one of the only idiots guessing a Biden win, so there’s that.

Here’s further reasoning on why I think Biden is going to win: Trump did a great job of acting like he was doing good things for America while he was selling what was left of America down the river, and now, his fans, for Trump is kind of like a Rock Star, you know, are expecting, oh, just the unsealing of the 897,562 sealed indictments, the mass arrests, the throwing of those dang traitors into GIMTO, and the stuff like that, but since Trump is not going to do any of that stuff, he can go out on top!

Bestest most awesomest President, ever!

In other words, the Deep State Globalists pulled off the sham of a lifetime as Trump goes out on top, because President Trump would have done all of those things, but geez, he just didn’t get reelected.

Oh well.

It looks like they’re wanting to give silver the rollover look:

The problem for the cartel is that silver has been ready to rally naturally, silver is ready to rally naturally, and right now, naturally, the election outcome really doesn’t matter.

Here are a few possible scenarios.


Silver wins because, let’s face it, there will be some rioting and especially some looting tonight, tomorrow, and beyond, and while I might not be the brightest light in the shed, I’m pretty sure it takes a crapton of silver to make all of that high tech, whiz bang stuff that is going to be stolen and/or burned down!

Furthermore, if we’re talking about civil unrest, looting, riots, and things like that, we’re taking about the “fear trade”.



The Red Hats would be in shock, and I really doubt there would be much civil unrest tonight at all.

That said, with a clean Biden win, here comes even more of that unbacked, debt-based fiat currency dependent on exponential, unsustainable growth, and it’s coming even faster than it would have come under Trump.



  • Fear Trade? Check
  • Civil unrest, looting, riots? Check
  • Possible rubber-stamped emergency fiscal spending actions taken during the circus side show legal battle? Check
  • Uncertainty in US, and therefore, the US dollar? Check
  • Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera? Check

In my opinion, silver wins either way.

It’s just a question of how soon?

Spoiler alert: The Cartel won’t tell you when.

The stock market had faded, but it has since ramped:

The stock market is still saying “Trump wins” (see the first part of this article as to why).

For now.





UPDATE 1: (11:30ish a.m. EST):

Apparently there’s some drama developing in Pennsylvania, which, early on, is turning out to be one of the hotly contested battleground states:

Gold & silver are holding onto their gains:

The US dollar index is fading.

The stock market is holding on to its gap-up gains:





Half Dollar’s Notes –

No, I did not write ‘Twas The Night Before Tuesday.

Everybody knows ‘Ol Half Dollar doesn’t believe that the President is elected by We the People in the Constitutionally required manner, but rather, the President is selected by Deep State Globalists and chosen depending on which candidate better serves the Deep State Globalists’ current agenda and narrative.

Regardless, it’s election day, and we will be updating this post at various times during the day, so check back for updates!


Well, here we are: It’s the start of a long day, or a long week, or a long something.

Gold & silver have nearly recovered their “correction” losses:

If we start off with a simple premise that Trump will spend, but Biden will spend even more, which is, on net, better for gold & silver, are we to conclude that over the past several days, gold & silver have been pricing in a Biden win?

It gets more complicated when we look at the stock market:

If we start off with a simple premise that Trump, with his tax cuts, so-called deregulation, and more, will be, on net, better for the stock market than Biden will with all of his big spending and tax hikes, can we say that on Monday and into Tuesday morning, the stock market, after plunging for over a week, has begun to price in a Trump win?

Ahhh, the suspense.

Here’s a MSM live stream, from NBC:

And one from Reuters: