Echoes of Russia: Obama Calls for Silencing “Domestic Propagandists” And Alternative Media

If the alternative media investigates and posts a story about the government and this is picked up by Russian state media, then it is a categorical lie.


by Kurt Nimmo, Another Day in the Empire via SHTFPlan:

Editor’s Comment: While nobody puts much stock in Obama’s meandering speeches to blame his opponents and anyone calling out the lies and deception of his administration, allies and surrogates, it is alarming that the powers that be are attempting to crack down altogether on the web.

The warnings have been out there for many years now about the plans to streamline and corporatize a Web 2.0, where dissent is buried from view, but now we’re approaching that day.

It is truly unsettling to see a chilling of speech and a blanket demonization effort being directed against those who are either against the status quo, or attempting to expose the truth – this is what is becoming of our technological revolution. Will these measures continue during Trump’s administration? There is every sense that it will, as it only requires cooperation from a handful of companies – Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. – and the complicity of the mainstream media who see the voices on the Internet as their only true competition…

In the 21st Century and the age of the Internet, the gulag may not be just a place with dim lighting, bad food and prison work, but a cold and lonely corner of the web where people cannot find your website, your IP is blocked/censored/flagged, and one cannot stumble upon the truth, and cannot communicate freely if one wishes to discuss anything of any substance.

Obama calls alternative media “domestic propagandists”

by Kurt Nimmo

The war on alternative media intensified today when Obama blamed talk radio and other “domestic propagandists” for the rise of “fake news.”

“If fake news that’s being released by some foreign government is almost identical to reports that are being issued through partisan news venues, then it’s not surprising that that foreign propaganda will have a greater effect,” Obama said. “It doesn’t seem that farfetched compared to some of the other stuff folks are hearing from domestic propagandists.”

“To the extent that our political dialogue is such that everything is under suspicion, everybody’s corrupt and everybody is doing things for partisan reasons and all of our institutions are, you know full of malevolent actors and if that’s the story that is being put out there, then when a foreign government introduces that same argument, the facts are made up, voters who have been listening to that stuff for years, who have been getting that stuff every day from talk radio or other venues, they’re going to believe it.”

In other words, if the alternative media investigates and posts a story about the government and this is picked up by Russian state media, then it is a categorical lie.

See Obama’s remarks here.

This article was written by Kurt Nimmo and originally published at his Another Day in the Empire blog.

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Meanwhile, the repression of alternative news and free thought in general is moving forward. is warning that they are being blocked from ad revenue as a result of being labeled “fake news.”

The main stream media has yet again been caught doing lazy journalism with their recent attack on alternative media and free speech with another hit piece this morning. This is not the only problem this independent news organization faces as WeAreChange was just issued a legal notice from our ad company about being labeled fake news with a verified sourced documented article.

CBS News Caught Lying And Slandering WeAreChange and Free Speech

Things are getting really nasty. Are they really going to get away with shutting down free speech and institutionalizing pro-state propaganda?