Dubin & Kranzler Ask ‘WTF Just Happened’ As The Elites Scramble To Disable The Italian Landmine

Eric Dubin and Dave Kranzler break down the chaos and turmoil in the markets this week in the latest episode of WTF Just Happened?…

Eric Dubin and Dave Kranzler produced WTF Just Happened Episode 4

Episode 4 of the new show, “WTF Just Happened?,” with independent financial journalist Eric Dubin and former Wall Street bond trader and current gold fund manager and investment newsletter writer http://investmentresearchdynamics.com/, Dave Kranzler.

Italy is financially disintegrating. The banking world would not care except for one small detail: If Italy defaults in its debt obligations, it will set off a daisy-chain of OTC derivative credit default swap defaults resembling a financial nuclear holocaust.

Deutsche Bank has been hitting all-time lows since its listing on the NYSE in October 2001. The systemic risk posed by a financial collapse of Deutsche Bank is enormous. Yet, it should be allowed to occur to prevent the continued transfer of U.S. and European taxpayer money to fund DB’s payroll and large bonuses. The schizophrenic volatility of the stock markets is further reflection of the underlying financial volcano in danger of erupting.

In the latest episode of WTF Just Happened, Eric Dubin and Dave Kranzler discuss ongoing financial collapse of Italy and the likely method employed by the Fed, ECB, and BIS to keep the banking system corpse on life support (WTF Just Happened is a produced in association with Wall St. For Main Street – Eric Dubin may be reached at Facebook.com/EricDubin):

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