Draining The Swamp? Rudy Giuliani Joins The Trump Legal Team

Sure – ‘Keep your enemies closer’. But if everyone around you is the enemy, wouldn’t they just be your allies? Here’s the details on Rudy’s new gig with Trump… 

Editor’s Note: For anybody who did not know or does not understand just how deep in the muck this swamp creature (R.J.) likes to slosh around in, this special coverage from Corbett Report pretty much sums it up, although there’s tons of places to get that and even more information.


from Zero Hedge

Update: As speculated earlier, White House Attorney Jay Sekulow confirmed that Giuliani will indeed be joining President Trump’s legal team.

Sekulow welcomed Giuliani with an official statement: “I am announcing today that former New York City Mayor and United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York Rudy Giuliani is joining the President’s personal legal team.”

Just minutes before the closing bell, the Daily Beast reported that former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has been in talks to join President Trump’s legal team, adding further speculation about a major shake up in Trump’s legal team which has been in limbo ever since the DOJ’s raid of Michael Cohen.

Trump’s legal team has also been suffering from a shortage of manpower since the resignation of lead attorney John Dowd. Trump had hoped to hire Joe diGenova and his wife, Victoria Toensing, but the two were forced to bow out because of a conflict. Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, is of course embroiled in a legal fiasco of his own.


Giuliani joining Trump’s team would go a long way toward alleviating a staffing shortage, as well as providing Trump with a person he trusts. The former mayor has been involved in several high-profile cases since the end of his political career, including representing Turkish gold trader Reza Zarrab. However, the former NYC mayor was reportedly disappointed that he was passed over for Secretary of State. 

There were also rumors that Giuliani would be tapped to replace James Comey after the former FBI director was fired by Trump.

Giuliani has been a staunch ally of Trump’s since almost the beginning of Trump’s campaign. Back in November, 2016, he appeared on Fox News to harshly criticize Comey’s handling of the Clinton probe. He also gave a widely lauded speech at the Republican Convention before Trump accepted the nomination.

Meanwhile, facing a legal crackdown (or perhaps not), the Daily Beast adds that Trump has been too distracted with pressing foreign policy concerns from North Korea to Syria to focus on repopulating his legal team.

The “Beast” report followed another breaking news report from Bloomberg according to which Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein told the president that he isn’t currently a target of the Mueller probe – a report that briefly sent the Dow 100 points higher.