Jerome Corsi: Screw ‘Q Anon’ – The Mystery Intel Group “Has Been Compromised By The Deep State”

Corsi (an original ‘Q’ de-coder) says he’s done with ‘Q’, and there is no plan other than to let the Deep State traitors walk around free. Here’s why…

Dr. Jerome Corsi interviewed on the Financial Survival Network

Dr. Jerome Corsi joined us again today. He’s of the distinct opinion that Q anon has been compromised. The information coming out of the 8 Chan Board is completely different in nature before. The soothing words to Trust the Plan no longer suffice. It could be a deep state hijacking of the once believable and honest Q anon. Demonization of those writing books and earning money off the phenomena is designed to divide the movement and frustrate the participants. Combined with an unleashing of Trolls and you have a perfectly implemented deep state op. Should we be surprised? Let’s start seeing some arrests and public airing of the evidence. Let the people judge.