Market & policy interventions began long before the Global Financial Crisis, and they’re now ramping to a feverish crescendo. Rob explains…
Rob Kirby interviewed by Dunagun Kaiser on Reluctant Preppers

Following the global financial recession of 2009, central bankers accelerated debt/money stimulus to crisis levels, even though they didn’t admit the massive extent of their actions that we are still on the hook to pay for. But the bigger secret you’re not being told is that market and policy interventions started long before 2009, and are now ramping to a feverish crescendo beyond any official statistics.

Proprietary analyst Rob Kirby, founder of, returns to Finance and Liberty & Reluctant Preppers to connect the dots that reveal the grave and hazardous current actions that are driving us into future bondage, global servitude – unless we dare to speak the truth and take vital steps to protect our families and our countries.