Deep State Globalist In Gold Bug’s Clothing, Judy Shelton, To Face Full Vote By Senate For Fed Confirmation

LET’S BE CLEAR HERE: If confirmed, Judy Shelton WILL NOT do anything that’s “good for gold” any more than Trump did…



(by Half Dollar) I’d love to discuss this with Judy, live, on our YouTube Channel, so viewers can also chime in with questions and comments, something the Fed NEVER allows on their live-streams, but the Gold Bug Sheeples’ favorite Trump Fed pic, Judy Shelton, the Deep State Globalist in Gold Bug’s Clothing, will never respond to us.

All she has to do is send an email to [email protected] and we’ll make it happen at her earliest convenience.

But she won’t get in contact with us because she knows she’s a Traitor to the Constitutionally required bi-metallic Gold & Silver Standard.

I’ll keep trying, however:

Because I’m in the fight for Gold & Silver for the long haul.

Regardless, the New York Sun is reporting on the green light for the full Senate vote.

In my opinion, the editorial IS A DISGRACE and apologizing for the system.

In my opinion, the Fed CANNOT be reformed, for it can ONLY be abolished.

Regardless, check out this false hope in just one tiny excerpt from the un-named editor’s article (bold added for emphasis and commentary):

Which brings us back to Ms. Shelton. Were she confirmed as a governor of the Fed, we’re confident, she’d been a completely collegial and knowledgeable member of the Fed board and its committees. And extraordinarily valuable should the Fed get to the point — which we hope it will — where it starts to look up from tactics and begins to focus on the strategic question of the merits of a system of fiat money.

Um, excuse me Mr. (or Mrs.) Editor: The Fed is an evil, corrupt institution that should be labeled a ‘Domestic Terrorist Organization’, and their leaders should be dealt with accordingly.

The Fed has a dual mandate, indeed, to MURDER and ENSLAVE.

The Fed MURDERS elderly American savers via their suppression of interest rates and their complete disregard for the time-value of money.

The Fed ENSLAVES future US workers who are not old enough to object to the Fed’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL actions.

I’ve hammered this point home, time and time again, ever since I stopped pulling the Fed punches over a year ago:

And most recently, here:

But I digress.

What’s the problem with Judy Shelton?

She’s no longer a gold advocate, but rather, she’s a Traitor to sound money and the US Constitution’s requirement for a bi-metallic Gold & Silver Standard like Alan ‘One-Foot-In-The-Grave-And-Trying-To-Repent’ Greenspan, because when you look at Judy Shelton’s attitude now, when compared to the past, it is clear her views and policy actions ARE, AND WOULD BE, INCOMPATIBLE WITH BEING A GOLD ADVOCATE:

Here’s some of Judy in confirmation hearings:

If you can stomach it.



Half Dollar’s Notes:

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