Deep State and its Allies Risk a Soft “Public Coup”, but Trump Rebuffs their Advance!

This will be a fight to the ‘death’.



Submitted by The Wealth Watchman

Out in the Open Now

Folks, I wanted to share with you my personal experiences and thoughts during my recent trip to D.C.  You see, I’d gone there to meet some friends, in order to attend the Trump inauguration 1 month ago.  I’d hoped Trump would live up to my very lofty, anti-globalist expectations. What I witnessed about Trump surprised me in the best way, but my experience in D.C. also reminded me….we are in for some very dark times.  I’ll explain in a moment, but first things first…

The Deep State Makes a Move

There have been many doubters of Trump’s sincerity in his speeches and promises.  Many of them are being made believers day by day.  Recently, however, it’s been the actions of the globalist, rogue elements of the CIA, FBI, NSA(Deep State), etc that have been red-pilling millions of normal people about how the government and powers that be have really worked.  These agents have been laboring toward a globalist agenda for years, and they personally opposed Trump at every step of the election.

Only recently though, have we witnessed just how panicked they are by President Trump.  Here’s what I mean.  The Deep State, or “shadow government” thrives on secrecy; secrecy including their very existence.  Most folks, outside of our circles in the free-media, had never even heard the phrase “Deep State” until the last several weeks.  Now the buzz about these guys is on everyone’s lips.  Think of it!

Huge red pill.  Folks’ eyes are opening very rapidly.

This was always the greatest danger about “going public”, and showing that the intelligence community was another government power with its own agenda, which believes it can supersede elected officials.  Now millions more understand that there are literally 2 governments vying for control, at the same time…and they’re extremely disturbed at this revelation.  I’ve spoken with alot of folks who didn’t realize this tectonic struggle was going on at all.

Julian Assange put it rather well:

Amazing battle for dominance is playing out between the elected US govt & the IC who consider themselves to be the ‘permanent government’.

Though Michael Flynn stepped down(at least publicly), it was a Pyrrhic victory, as the Deep State had to abandon its secrecy.  More importantly though, Trump learned the identities of most of his greatest enemies. Trump has known for quite some time that Deep State loyalists would seek to undermine him through leaks, and has responded just as he should.

First off, he sent Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson(T-Rex) to the fabled 7th floor to fire every single person working there who wanted to co-opt or steer White House policy.  Secondly, he’s been working on locating many of the secretive Obama loyalists within his own administration, and weeding them out.

The recent headline about “100,000 National Guard units possibly being used to deport illegals” was used to catch many of the leakers who were close to him, as many copies of that memo (all different) were given to different sources, and whichever one was used by the press, would reveal to Trump who the leaker was.  These people are in the process of not only being fired, but also prosecuted.

Public Coup Allies

Trump not only took back the reins in cracking down on the leakers, he also lampooned the MSM in one of the most hilarious, brutal press conferences ever held.  His use of the ‘bully pulpit’ to make the mainstream CIA media a pinata is having a devastating psychological effect on those opposing him there.

Though he’s gone on the offensive, many high-profile opponents of Trump are still openly calling for a real coup.  The neocons, Deep State, and globalist traitors within the MSM, Hollywood, and academia, are aligned and supportive of taking down Trump by any and all means necessary.  Figures are literally pouring forth from far and wide.  If you don’t believe me, just check these out:

Top neocons(who never met a war for Israel they didn’t love) are singing Deep State praises.

Obviously strongly prefer normal democratic and constitutional politics. But if it comes to it, prefer the deep state to the Trump state.

Hollywood’s praising this too, far and wide:

It’s only a matter of time. The incompetent lying narcissistic fool is going down. Intelligence community will not let DT destroy democracy

Even fake, left-wing “libertarians” are cheering it:

Scary thought: the deep state is better than the Trump state.

These people are coming out of the woodwork, not because they believe Trump is a liar, but because they believe Trump is telling the truth about his desire for dismantling globalism, open borders, multiculturalism, etc in the West:

Which are all the things his opponents want, and which they’ve discovered are all now on the chopping block.

Which brings me to a few thoughts on my DC experience at the inauguration.

My Trip to DC


I went to Trump’s inauguration, not only because it was a historic event, but also because for the first time in many years, I was actually hopeful that some truly game-changing policies might be established(or undone).  I was hopeful the rusty wheels, in the soulless, globalist machine might be stopped from turning any further.

The air was absolutely electric, the tension was thick.

The radical Left(antifa, etc) were out in force.  Bullhorns blaring.  Young mobs charging cops, and getting(rightfully) beaten, tear-gassed, and arrested.

Violence, although only in several areas, was pretty serious.

For example, the McDonald’s I’d eaten at the previous evening was smashed up the next morning by antifa.

As I watched Hillary come out, the woman who’d so nearly taken the reins of the awful DC power structure, and fast-tracked globalism to the next level, I was awestruck as several hundred thousand people booed her.  Those of you watching at home couldn’t hear it, because the band was loudly playing for the TV audience, but believe me…she heard it loud and clear.

They booed her multiple times.
They booed Chuck Schumer’s speech.

They booed the Obamas.

In past times, the ‘changing of the guard’ would’ve been more ‘civil’, ‘pleasant’, but the elites and globalists had so utterly demolished and demoralized working class Americans, there was no civility left.

The globalists truly do not understand how far they’d pushed us.

These people didn’t come for the niceties. They didn’t come for the parades.

They came for Trump, for his promised actions, and to spit in the face of the hated oligarchical class that had strip-mined their lives and their dreams.

They’d come, as I did, to watch DC squirm as the man that city hates more than any other living man in my lifetime, took the scepter of power.

That is why they came.

As I heard Trump speak, and mock most everyone in DC, most every politician sitting right behind him, mock all the policies they’d pushed on us my entire life, as self-seeking, detrimental, and destructive….

I realized…..

“My God, that’s it, this man is for real. One way or another….things will never be the same.”

 The thing about Trump that I’ve always suspected, and now am proven right in:

Is that his positions are such a stark contrast to the alternative vision offered, that if he did indeed follow through with his promises….it would result in a hardening, a radicalization of both sides.

The globalists, antifa, the anti-white progressive Left, Academia, all view him as “literally Hitler”. As I watched tens of thousands of pink-pussy-hat-wearing ladies at the women’s march the next day…I knew I was watching an army of people who look at the same man I do…but see this as 1938.  They’re watching a ‘different movie’ than I am, they’re perceiving a very different reality than you and I…and there’s nothing you can tell them to sway them otherwise.

“Ok, Watchman, what’s your point in all this?”

My point?  My point is that day, when it became clear Trump was truly for real, I instantly realized that the Deep State coup, the mockingbird media “Resistance” themes, the marches, the violence, the fighting….was truly…Inevitable.

It had to follow.  It had to get worse.  It’s going to get worse, still.

Trump knows the globalists have twisted and contorted society’s beliefs until this huge fissure has happened, threatening to blow apart.  This is why he rightly condemns many in the MSM as the enemy of the American people. They’ve brainwashed tens of millions into opposing their own interests, their own sovereignty, their own futures.

As a good friend of mine told me, if you pay attention, there’s a “whiff of the 1850’s” blowing in the air.  A huge confrontation, much bigger than even the previous soft coup we saw, is coming.

The question is: which side will win?  And what will you do, when it materializes?

Decide these things now, because whether it’s in 2 years, or 20….there are two irreconcilably different visions of “America” being touted…and only one will win out.

One will have to supplant the other, and likely, by force.

You have been warned.


We currently find the white, Christian West, and really much of the world, at a perilous but hopeful crossroad.

In one direction: more technocratic globalism, censorship, tyranny, ethnic/cultural replacement, and war.

In the other direction: more sovereignty, nationalism, local solutions, safety, freedom, identity, and tradition.

Trump has begun to take positive steps toward nationalism and sovereignty, and away from globalism.  The real danger is that the people he’s fighting have spent several centuries, many wars, and trillions of dollars, in implementing the greater agenda that he’s threatening to kill right now. Singlehandedly. 

The recent soft coup(and their allies’ attempts to openly foster violent coup mindsets), shows these people may be on the ropes, but they’re not going to stand down, or go quietly without a fight.

I truly believe Trump has always known this from the start.  He’s patterned his view of American sovereignty after several nationalist, populist leaders.  Several of those he channels regularly are Teddy Roosevelt, and Andrew Jackson.

In fact, Trump has defended and mentioned Andy Jackson many times, and one of the first things Trump did when in office, was hang a large portrait of President Jackson in the Oval Office.

That is a deeply symbolic act of how he views his role in the office of POTUS.

Jackson, though not perfect, had some notable achievements:

✓Defeating the City of London on the battlefields of Louisiana
✓Putting down the Redstick Uprising(domestic terrorism of his day)
✓Killing the 2nd National Bank…

Yes, the man whose last words were reportedly, “I killed the bank”, is the one he’s choosing to model after.  These globalists are right to be afraid of him. He’s the one that ‘broke through’ the defenses, and is now wreaking havoc on them, as I predicted he would, when I also predicted he’d win the office(a week before election day).

This will be a fight to the ‘death’.  Trump has literally decided to stand in the gap against these people on numerous fronts.  He’s not going to change course, and the forces of nationalism and populism aren’t going back in the bottle, either. They’d better have something better up their sleeves than info leaks and Appellate court orders…

Because, if you’ll remember history…..Andy Jackson told the US judicial system to go to hell.

If Trump believes 5 or 6 un-elected justices are hijacking the will(and sovereignty) of the American people…

So will he.