Gold Is An Attractive Asset For Today’s Monetary Environment

Let’s compare the lull in the 1990s to where we are today in the metals market…

from Palisade Radio with David Wilson

David discusses how the metals markets have transformed since his beginnings in the industry. Markets were far simpler before they became financialized and before algorithmic trading systems were invented. They used to be all about market fundamentals. He compares the lull in the 90s to where we are today in the metals markets. He provides us his expectations for gold, copper, and palladium over the coming years.

Time Stamp References:
0:40 – How the commodity markets have changed.
2:55 – Impressions of the current commodity cycle.
6:40 – Copper market fundamentals.
12:00 – His hands on approach to learning.
14:20 – Outlook for palladium.