David Quintieri: NOTHING Has Changed As The Economy Is Still On It’s Deteriorating Trajectory

David says that economies around the world are hurting, and the situation, despite what is said in the MSM, is not getting better, it’s getting worse…

David Quintieri interviewed on the X22 Report Spotlight

David says that the Fed is unable to do anything when the next recession comes, unless they take interest rates into negative territory.

From there, they explore what may be coming to the cryptocurrency markets as governments look to reign in control of the cryptocurrencies.

From there, the conversation switches to the petroyuan and what effects that may have on the petro-dollar.

Turning to the U.S. dollar itself, David discusses what it means to embrace a “weak dollar” policy.

All those topics and more are discussed as David comes to the ultimate conclusion that the economy is still on it’s deteriorating trajectory – nothing’s changed.

Tune in the the interview in its entirety below: