David Morgan’s Fresh Prediction Of When The Fiat Currency Collapse Happens

David says gold & silver will surge in the unavoidable Anglo-American fiat currency crisis. Here’s when David says it happens (plus a whole lot more)…

David Morgan interviewed by Mark O’Byrne on the Goldnomics Podcast

Silver Guru – David Morgan, joins Mark O’Byrne for Episode 8 of the Goldnomics Podcast. Talking about silver and gold and how they will perform as the current fiat monetary system collapses under the pressure of money printing, quantitative easing, trade wars and geopolitical tensions.

Listen to the full episode or skip directly to one of the following discussion points:

00:15 – Meet the ‘Silver Guru’ – one of the world’s leading experts on precious metals David Morgan.
02:00 – Currency crisis in emerging markets to spread and the prospects for gold and silver.
04:30 – What’s the outlook for gold and silver, especially in areas having a currency crisis?
04:40 – Crisis expected for Anglo-American Empire’s fiat currencies. Very difficult to predict when but if forced to he believes will happen between 2020 and 2022.
05:33 – Are precious metals currently undervalued?
07:17 – When will fiat currencies end?
09:20 – Possible scenarios for the end of fiat currency regime.
12:46 – Gold-backed Yuan: what should we expect?
13:43 – Yuan as a reserve currency, how possible?
16:00 – Global economic uncertainty, the end of fiat currency and prudent asset allocation.
19:35 – Lending to Australian & UK banks: are European banks exposed?
20:09 – Precious metals allocation in the wealth mix. Is 20% enough?
25:14 – Upcoming crisis: what’s the right strategy for exiting the market?
26:02 – Protecting your wealth: avoid round tripping.
26:23 – Easiest way to tell if gold is overvalued.
30:10 – Precious metals manipulation and GATA’s allegations: True or false?
31:11 – Sharpe ratios, frauds and manipulations.
33:25 – Manipulated markets: making the right investment choice.
36:43 – Choosing the right storage means (allocated and segregated in safest vaults in sagest jurisdictions) and vendor for your precious metals. Morgan is a client and “owns metal” with GoldCore and refers his clients to GoldCore. If want security and real insurance “you should be willing to pay storage fees”
40:00 – Ensure you have direct access to your gold in terms of accessibility, portability, pricing and liquidity as provided by GoldCore
40:39 – Is debt jubilee a solution to today’s financial challenges?
41:30 – Government Debt: the worst and most unsafe asset allocation you can have.
43:00 – Is the end of the banking cartel in sight?
44:53 – Powerful creditors: should we expect a debt jubilee anytime soon?
45:54 – Is there a need to change the structure of the monetary system and how money works?
49:17 – Individual moral and spiritual awakening needed to overcome the significant financial and economic challenges in the coming years
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