The Mining Sector Is The Last Remaining Deep Value Play?

“Quiet optimism” does, indeed, sum up the current gold market…

from Palisade Radio with David Erfle

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David feels the term “quiet optimism” does, indeed, sum up the current gold market. He points out that capital markets have yet to open up to most micro-cap gold companies. He feels that the mining sector may well be the last deep value play in the market today.

He thinks that gold will eventually rise above $2000 an ounce, but it will take longer than most analysts expect. Indications that we are reaching a market top may again come in the form of large companies acquiring overpriced low-grade projects.

Time Stamp References:
0:40 – Where are we in the precious metal cycle.
1:50 – Sell your house and invest in juniors?
4:19 – Why the HUI to Gold ratio is important.
7:00 – When will the juniors move?
8:20 – Signs for a market top.
10:00 – Favorite authors and their books.
11:50 – Potential contrarian play in base metals.