Dave Kranzler Says “2008 Was Tame Compared to What’s Next”


Fund Manager tells Silver Doctors it’s “total systemic collapse” as soon as the Fed stops manipulating this market. Dave sees the ball that’s giving the Fed’s juggling act problems, and when they drop the ball, the stock, bond, and real estate markets will all come crashing down…

Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics joins Elijah Johnson to give SD an exclusive update on the latest action in the markets.

Dave is a Precious Metals Hedge Fund Manager with spot-on expertise in fundamental and technical analysis that just blows the competition out of the water.

Dave is a deadly sniper at short selling the over-valued stocks during this stock market bubble hysteria, and his calls on the gold and silver mining sector are second to none.

In this must listen and urgent interview, Dave is not the bearer of good news for anybody looking for American Economic Utopia.

2008 was tame, and now it’s about to get very real: