Dave Janda: Trump Is President For A Reason – To Oversee The Coming Bankruptcy Of The US

With his background, Trump is there to handle the bankruptcy, which will be a mix of default, hyperinflation, and growing our way out, Dave says…

Dave Janda interviewed on SBTV

SBTV spoke with Dr Dave Janda, host of the Operation Freedom radio show, about how freedom in the United States has changed over the years and why he believes President Trump is here to oversee the bankruptcy of the country.

Discussed in this interview:
04:08 Relationship between Big Government & Big Business.
09:40 Doctors are burning out at record numbers.
13:25 The US is becoming more fascist?
14:21 Socialist when government gets involved in healthcare?
15:01 US debt is unsolvable.
19:53 Trump to oversee bankruptcy of the US
23:25 Is the next market crash imminent?
28:28 Government to confiscate IRAs & 401k?