Dave Janda: President Trump Is Using These Four Triggers To Implode The Deep State

Dave drops a bombshell with the 4th trigger, adding it caused immediate panic by Deep Staters like Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder. Here are all 4 triggers…

by Dave Janda from Operation Freedom

The four triggers Dave discusses in this important update are:

  1. The executive order targeting human trafficking and pedophilia.
  2. The issue of military tribunals brought up by Graham in the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.
  3. President Trump’s desire to declassify, in un-redacted form, critical documents such as the FISA warrant, the McCabe texts, and other documents.
  4. Rod Rosenstein flying on Air Force One with the President to Orlando last week.

For the significance of these four triggers, tune in to this critical update in its entirety below: