CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS 2.0: Venezuelan Edition – Russia Recognizes Maduro President Of Venezuela

Russia has recognized Maduro as President. If that doesn’t sound like an escalation of the cold war, there’s that pesky “script taken from Libya” thing too…

The chaos is quickly unfolding.

Here’s a recap of our coverage, in chronological order:

From President Trump:

Here’s another update, on this early Wednesday evening, 23 January, 2019, of the quickly unfolding political and geo-political crises in Venezuela.

And now we’ve heard from the Russians.

From RT:

“Russia has already recognized Maduro as the legitimately elected president of Venezuela” and will not change his position, Andrei Klimov, senator of the Council of the Russian Federation , said on Wednesday.

In addition, he added that no change is expected in the policy of Moscow with respect to the South American country.

On January 23, deputy Juan Guaidó proclaimed himself “president in charge” of Venezuela during an opposition demonstration in Caracas.

USA He recognized on Wednesday Guaidó, president of the National Assembly (AN), as the country’s “legitimate” head of state. For their part, several Latin American countries, including Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile or Paraguay have also joined the states that recognize the opposition leader.

Plenty of people are looking at this as a legitimate up-rising of the people.

RT en Espanol might not agree, and offers some food for thought:

This is an ongoing, developing story.

Surely we will hear all about “5-D chess”.

At this point, however, the dust hasn’t even settled.

Even if Venezuela’s gold has likely already been melted down.

And cast in to .9999 fine gold kilo bars.

We’ll monitor the developments.

Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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