Crypto And Your Digital Identity, Gold And Absolute Freedom

The power elite’s use of artificial currencies issued by wholly compromised central banks, plus the private issue of crypto, are engineered to…

by David Bryan author of Two World Systems

The laws of the Universe are immutable and sovereign to everyone, nobody is above natural law. Prosperity which is wealth, health and happiness are also sovereign to everyone and should not be the privilege of an unproductive few. To create and sustain equitable prosperity, a currency must be of the people, by the people and for all the people!

Gold properly valued and stored in the national treasury is sovereign, it belongs to all the people. Physical gold is already held in the treasury to back the currency, it is stable wealth that is guaranteed to provide an entirely equitable exchange for trade and commerce. 

The power elite’s use of artificial currencies issued by wholly compromised central banks plus the private issue of crypto, are engineered to enrich a few with monetary power. All of the privately produced currencies are based on the lie that they are there to benefit the public. Yet they all speculatively transfer vast wealth to the few who control the currency. 

Prosperity is clearly not accomplished, by the despicable central bank use of debt to create currency. Debt is used by central banks, to pump trillions into mega corporations and fund the tyranny of corporate governance. 

Crypto currencies are privately engineered or mined using vast quantities of electricity. When the crypto mania is established, they will then be co-opted to implement the Globalist’s full agenda for a Digital Identity. Not many are aware that Indian officials want to use a blockchain to secure the multiple digital IDs that 1.2 billion citizens must hold, many African countries are embracing biometrics and digital IDs. The tyrant governments in Australia and New Zealand have draft legislation to establish digital identity oversight. 

A scannable Digital Identity is a 24/7 surveillance device that will use a blockchain of your Health Passport, your Social Credits and your Money Wallet. Without a Digital Identity scan you will be not be able to access the internet, make financial transactions or partake in a public service. Access to your Money Wallet will be linked to the status of your Health Passport and your Social Credits controlled and digitally monitored. by the power elite. 

In a dystopian future you will own absolutely nothing and through patented bio-medics, you will not even have DNA that is unique to your own body. As a DIGITAL IDENTITY and trans-human, every aspect of your life and even the timing of your death will be digitally controlled.

The sun, the family and gold are natures perfect binary! Perfection is perfect and what is perfect cannot be improved upon. Without any need for the ‘power elite’s’ hierarchy structure that imposes bureaucratic fear, or gives monstrous favors to a few. The sun, family and gold assure absolute freedom and ensure the well being of every person. 

The sun assures a prolific ecology and ample healthy foods, the family assures a society of like minded good company and gold assures unlimited commercial opportunities. With such perfection, Homo sapiens can very happily prosper without the globalist ‘Luciferian Engineering Ideology.’

The corrupt need to be held to account. All institutions engaged in genetic engineering, social engineering, financial engineering, pandemic engineering, legal engineering, bio-engineering, geo-engineering and military engineering need to be dismantled. 

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