“Next Crash Results In Hyperinflation That Obliterates Our Monetary System And Vaporizes Our Economies”

Jeff Nielson says it’s all about to come down, by design, exactly as the banking cabal has been planning and preparing for…

Jeff Nielson interviewed on the X22 Report Spotlight

The Bankers Manifesto Revealed, The Plan Is As Plain As Day: Jeff Nielson

Jeff Nielson joins the X22 Report Spotlight to discuss the status of all the bubbles around the world.

Jeff says that the bubbles are blown be design of the central bankers, with the specific purpose of luring in the masses, only to pop the bubble nad leave the masses holding the bag.

Jeff says there are many ways to look at the recent developments in Bitcoin, as whether it is a NSA creation or a free market creation, Jeff sees merit in both sides of the argument, but Jeff leans to the side that Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies were born out of the free market while governments and banks around the world seek to gain control of the cryptos and seize them for their own use or pop the cryptocurrency bubble.

This is the same way the banks have always been doing it, Jeff says, and it’s no different than luring people into the stock markets or luring people into housing bubbles.

Jeff says we are at the end of the useful life of fiat currencies, and the next time the bankers pop the bubble and bring down the system, there will be no recovery.

Listen to the entire interview below: