AGXIIK: Could Amazon Be Given Dictatorial Powers In Times Of National Emergency?

“Amazon becomes so intricately woven in the fabric of the government that it could…”

by AGXIIK via TF Metals Report

Guest Post: “How I stopped worrying and learned to love Amazon”, by AGXIIK

While I don’t trade Amazon or buy from this company, an article from Michael Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg, posted on Zero Hedge, caught my eye. It lead me to conclude in the long run Amazon might just keep moving higher. There were some key factors contributing to my notion.

Based on the nature of resilient stocks with many moving parts that survived the bloodletting of the 2001 tech wreck; even survived the blood bath of the banking industry, Amazon reminds me of a Timex watch that’s evolved into a $300,000 Vacheron Constantin.

If Da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi hammered down at $450,000,000, the chances of Amazon doubling again before the price drops by 50% seems reasonable. My thinking is compiled more from  Bezos vision of Amazon 10 years from now when Amazon has such a repressive grip on the US consumer that it could be the poster child of Orwell’s description of Fascism.  A boot stamping on the face of humanity forever.  If there was an evil empire and at it’s center a death star, it’s Amazon.

I don’t state that lightly given Bezos plans to embed Amazon into the Pentagon, the Military Industrial Complex and even become part of the NDAA, aka National Defense Authorization via a $53 billion e-commerce initiative that will bring the bulk of those purchases to the biggest e-commerce seller–Amazon

This is not telling people things they don’t already know but Bezos sits on a military board with the top Pentagon Generals and has a $600,000,000 contract with the CIA.

Just a few of the enterprises in which Amazon now engages are:

  • Manufacturing
  • Retail sales
  • Business commerce sales
  • Groceries via Whole Foods
  • Alexa, your personal Amazon product assistant and Big Brother node
  • Movies
  • Television productions
  • Periodicals
  • Amazon has plans to become a mail order pharmacy.

What concerns me is this company is working overtime to become so invested in the state  governments and particularly the Federal Government agencies that they cannot be broken up as a monopoly.  Besides which, how does Congress accuse Amazon of being a monopoly when Wal Mart offers many of the same products and does e-commerce to boot?  Bezos might not be our preferred entrepreneur of the year but he’s currying favor with enough powerful interests that he could be nearly unbeatable.

The NDAA was signed by Obama and is now being recrafted by Congress.  It’s basic tenets have provisions that allow the government to seize or secure assets that it considers vital to national interests.  6 years ago we of the prepper community saw it as a means for the government to take any asset they saw fit including food, guns, ammo, personal supplies and even the human labor needed for the collective effort.

My take on this is Amazon becomes so intricately woven in the fabric of the government that it could, in time of some national emergency, be given dictatorial powers.

In the near future Amazon will install drop boxes at 800,000 apartment buildings nationwide. These boxes provide  a convenient way to deliver products  for each renter while avoiding the need for a person to sign for the delivery.

Carrying that further, Amazon is suggesting that regular buyers even allow delivery people (or drones) direct access to their homes via a lock box or by having Alexa unlock the door of a smart home.  If that one feature doesn’t give everyone the creeps I don’t know what will.  Yet this is an idea being given serious considerable.

Let’s reverse the scope of this work and imagine Amazon’s delivery people and drones retasked to arrive at your front door and take something, all legally countenanced by the requirements of the NDAA.  Maybe this isn’t like the repo man taking your car or a collection agent removing the rented wide screen TV but there are similarities.  These reverse consumer satisfaction activities would be charged against the Prime customer account as well.

In another iteration, imagine Amazon as the preferred and lowest cost drug provider under Medicaid and Medicare.  If you need a life sustaining drug you must use the lowest cost provider.  If you refuse full delivery access to your home, Amazon citing the need to keep your drugs out of the wrong hands, then you don’t get your meds. Period.

If the drug is prescribed for a medical condition such as depression, paranoia or other mental disability, that drug is provided with a sensor that detects if it’s being consumed. That initiative is now in place in certain hospitals and care facilities on a experimental basis.

If a drone arrives with instructions that you take your meds NOW, and that drone is, shall we say, slightly weaponized, you take your meds NOW or else Alexa’s little friend does to you what the faceless drone police in THX 1138 did to people who were found guilty of criminal drug avoidance

The opportunity for mischief is endless when it comes to making sure the consumer is served.  Amazon’s top echelon of people are drawn from industries and government where their expertise in these fields is exploited to make Amazon the best candidate of government contracts.

This nothing new in crony corporatists compelling Congress to do their bidding  Read Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle to get a stomach full of how that works .   It’s available on Kindle from Amazon for $9.99, 2 hour delivery and free shipping if you’re a Prime Customer.   I liked the part where Teddy Roosevelt battled the potted ham. Or bully beef  Or maybe  just a pig’s derriere.  In any case, Teddy barely won the battle.

Given 10 years, not only could Amazon be fully invested in these new fields but it might actually start making some real earnings and be worth $1 trillion or more, much more.

Will being the lowest priced provider of goods and services, keeping with the government’s pledge to reduce costs,  could make Bezos the Himmler of Hedonics.