Coronavirus, Stocks, Bitcoin, Main Street, Wall Street, Government, Silver…YAY! EVERYBODY WINS IN 2021!!

Nothing can go wrong!

(by Half Dollar) Nobody and no thing can possibly lose in 2021!

Everybody’s a winner!

Wall Street is winning, government is winning, Main Street is winning, and nobody could lose on any decision or any action in 2021!

It’s impossible!

The only possibility is super success for everyone and everything beyond everyone and everything’s wildest dreams!

Silver’s going to the moon:

And it will be there by Taco Tuesday!

Gold, well, we are talking about Grandad:

But he’ll catch up!

Because gold & silver can never, ever fall again:

Never, ever, forever and ever, and then even more than that!

Techno’s making a comeback in 2021:

Why would techno not make a comeback?

Palladium is cheering everybody around the first corner:

Such a team player that palladium fella!

Crude oil says “let’s get this party started”:

And get the juices flowin’!

Even Dr Copper is dancing:

They’re already workin’ on a new Electric Slide or new Macarena for some good old-fashioned, sing-a-long, line-dancin’ fun!

America is back:

The benevolent, loving leaders of the free and prosperous world!

Fear is not back:

Don’t worry, because Fear got the message, and he will not be crashing 2021’s party, and he can’t crash it even if he wanted to because he’s chained to the basement floor!

The government is back:

Doing such great and wonderful things for the People!

Happy days are here again:

And they will never, ever end!

Everybody’s a winner!