Coronavirus Is No Big Deal! Just Give Up Your Rights, Liberties, And Soon Your Freedom!

SD Friday Wrap: America in 2020 – shortest stock market bear market in history, and it only costs us the US Constitution at a low, variable rate of interest…

There’s a difference between “freedom” and “liberty”.

Learn it.

I really do wish I had something nice to say today.

I don’t.

The paper gold-to-silver ratio has pulled back from recent all-time highs:

With the physical markets still tight, however, both on the individual investor side and the wholesale buyer side, actually being able to trade one single ounce of gold for over 113 ounces of silver is, for all intents and purposes, downright impossible.

We can see gold’s “V” shaped recovery is holding:

Some analysts are thinking we’ll be at new all-time highs very soon.

I have been calling for all-time highs in gold & silver this year (check end of year 2019/beginning of year 2020 Silver Doctors Live episodes), but I didn’t think they’d be coming this soon.

Of course, I didn’t think the world would look so different this soon, either.

And to think – President Trump wants America to “get back to work”, and the sooner he can, according to him, the better, but the riots, the looting and the civil unrest hasn’t even begun!

Honest Question: Perhaps Trump is looking for more Covid-19 deaths in the US, along with blood and fire in the streets, so that America finally destroys itself from within?

I don’t know.

I’m not a Deep State Globalist.

And I’m not privy to the plan.

So I’m asking.

I have been looking for a “V” shaped recovery in silver since the end of February:

Curiously, silver has stalled on paper, but in the real world silver is on fire!

Palladium is back above $2100:

Yes, these markets are so warped to the extreme right now, that palladium is up nearly 60% in a matter of days.

Hopefully it won’t be much longer until we actually have markets again.

Platinum is up over 30% in a matter of days:

Please understand that there is absolutely nothing normal going on in any of the paper markets right now, so unless you’re part of the evil, corrupt insiders moving the paper markets back and forth on a whim, then you will get burned.

Copper, albeit boring as all heck, is probably the most interesting chart right now:

For a while now, I think that copper has been showing us that there is a limit to the amount of unbacked, debt-based fiat currency that can be created before the inflationary mega-storm begins.

Regardless, it’s true people are not and will not be consuming as much crude oil for a while:

Unlike copper, there comes a point where you can only store so much crude oil.

The VIX is still very elevated:

And if you think the VIX is elevated now, just wait until the vans/trucks/who-knows-what are rolling around New York City this weekend in a not-so-funny Monty Python’s “bring out your dead” kind of way.

I also think this is the weekend we see the overcrowded hospital images on social media, and quite possibly this is the weekend we see the face-plants on the sidewalks and myriad hard, urban surfaces.

If I’m right about those things, then get ready for the volatility to kick-up again.

The farce stock market entered a bull market in two trading days this week:

Again – anybody gambling in a rigged casino will get burned when they set it on fire.

Speaking of getting burned, in a desperate plea, the FDIC was urging depositors to keep their money in U.S. banks.


Probably nothing.

Yes, the pressure on yield is still down, and it will be like that until the US bond market blows-up:

For now, the market riggers are making it look like they have control of the bond market.

The US Dollar Index is coming down to earth in a hurry:

One of these days those “dollar shortage” guys will come to understand there is no shortage of US dollars.

Bottom line as we find ourselves here this beautiful Friday in March?

I very much wish I had something nice to say, but I just don’t.

Trump lets down all Americans every time he speaks.

What if his actions speak louder than his words?

Then to say we’re screwed puts it lightly.

Things aren’t even really bad here.

The sacrifice is now, uh, over?

Very bad things are coming.

They’re beginning now.

Full nationalization.

It’ll be everything.

Every industry.

The sheeple?

Can not.

Oh no.




Stack accoridngly…

– Half Dollar


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