Coronavirus Czar Mike Pence Says 15,000 Test Kits “Have Been Released”

He went out of his way to repeat “15,000 kits”, but we don’t really know since the government says it will lie and deceive us during this pandemic…

(Silver Doctors EditorsMike Pence says “more than 15,000 testing kits have been released”:

He also said not to buy masks, agreeing with the host that they are only meant for healthcare workers and sick people:

That is downright horrible advice that, but then again, if the globalists want millions of Americans dead anyway, then it sounds about right.

Regardless, we could be seeing a psyop in action with regards to America’s testing capacity.

We do know the US government will indeed be engaging in psychological operations during the entirety of this pandemic, so there’s a very high probability that Pence is flat out lying right now.

Here’s a little bit more about those “test kits”.

The CDC initially sent out 200 in the United States and 200 abroad.

Interestingly, on the CDC’s telebriefing from Friday, February 28th, there was no mention of “15,000 kits” being in the mail, only that “additional test kits are on their way now”.

And it’s not like ordering a pregnancy test online from Walmart.

There are very stringent and formal forms to be submitted for even getting access to the test kits, which also requires registering, subject to a manual review, so don’t get to thinking there’s going to be a home test like a home pregnancy test any time soon.

In other words, all of these test kits we keep hearing about are only available to select medical/scientific users via the CDC’s International Reagent Resource, found here.

The Association of Public Health Laboratories thinks they’ll be able to test 10,000 people a day by the end of next week:

we anticipate public health laboratories will have the capacity to conduct 10,000 tests a day by the end of next week. CDC is also manufacturing new test kits that are expected to be distributed to public health labs next week.

If we will truly have the capacity to test that many people, then get ready for a massive explosion of cases.

Oh yeah, and the CDC still needs to confirm positive tests, which is why we’re hearing “presumptive positive”, which means the CDC hasn’t “confirmed” the positive test result.

Also from Friday’s telebriefing:

All positive test results will continue to be confirmed by CDC for some time.

Why does that matter?

It will create a bottleneck with samples being sent in to the CDC, essentially overwhelming their ability to test.

Said differently, it’s a recipe for disaster, especially if the turnaround time for the CDC lengthens because of tens of thousands of tests being sent into the CDC.

Just how long is the turn-around time now?

It appears to be 48 hours, but in a dis-service to the American public, the CDC did not even answer the question specifically (bold added for emphasis):

Roni Rabin: If states are able to do these testing, they still need to have a confirmatory test by the CDC, does that mean there is a 48-hour delay for the patient getting that information? And can you comment on the whistleblower report and tell us what kind of precautions were taken and was CDC involved in the visits to Travis Air Force Base. I also want to know how often you’ll hold these briefings, Can you give us a regular schedule?

Dr. Messonnier: Thank you for actually allowing me to sort of speak specifically about this issue. Which is that there are procedures that we’re working through with the states and FDA in terms of confirmatory testing. More important than the confirmatory language, is what is actionable from a public health perspective at a state and local health department. So it is possible, for example, that there might be presumptive positives that are waiting confirmation, but others which state and local health departments will be able to take action and that is what is most important and we’re working through those labels now and we’ll have more information as we figure out that piece. In terms of the whistle-blower investigation, let me say that CDC takes the health and safety of our employees very seriously. We’re aware of the HHS whistle-blower complaint, but I defer any other questions on this matter to HHS. And in terms of the telebriefings, we will continue to routinely provide information when we can.