Congress Skeptical Pelosi & White House Can Reach Deal On Next Round Of Fiscal Stimulus (a.k.a. Free Money) By Election Day

A “last ditch” attempt to restart talks isn’t going very well. Of course it’s not! It’s for the people, so why would corrupt Washington want to do that?

(by Half Dollar) They’re stalling on the next round of stimulus!

I know, right?

Big surprise.

Here’s the latest, from Bloomberg (bold added for emphasis and commentary):

A last-ditch attempt by Democrats and the White House to restart negotiations on a new stimulus drew skepticism in Congress that a deal could be reached and written into law by Election Day.

It’s funny, or it’s ironic, or it’s pathetic, or it’s sad, or it’s whatever, how any other spending is like, no big deal at all.

Want to start up a Space Force to fight Martian Wars in galaxies far away?

Sounds great!

Need bail-outs for any industry that happens to cozy-up to Congress?

Here ya go!

Want free money for the people?

Are you out of your freakin’ mind!

Continuing, with bold again added for emphasis and commentary:

Both sides had largely given up on stimulus talks after a weeks-long stalemate, even amid signs of strain in financial markets. But Thursday brought a flurry of activity that suggested movement on virus relief efforts as the clock runs out for Congress.

Nice priorities there, Bloomberg!

Some strain in the financial markets?

Can’t have that now, can we?

I mean, Granny can’t pay for her meds, Mommy can’t keep her hungry teens fed, and Cousin Joe’s truck is parked on the side of the highway 28 miles down the road because he ran out of money two days ago, but screw all those things since Wall Street stubbed a toe playing racquetball because everybody knows their gyms are still open and, gosh darn it, they’re gonna need some ice and probably a cold one to take away the pain.

I’ll stop there.

I think you get my point.

Continue reading at Bloomberg, but only if you can stomach it.

I almost made it to the third paragraph!

And the bottom line?

The proles will wait.

They have no choice.


Half Dollar’s Note: Get up to speed on the timeline of events right here.

First, recall that back in July, it was all about getting the Economic Impact Payments sent out in August, per Stevie Boy:

Obviously that didn’t happen.

What did happen, however, is a type of what I called “backdoor inflation” in my Wednesday article, which could also be called “backdoor stimulus”.

I’m specifically referring to this:

But it’s not just the direct fiscal stimulus that is inflationary. Consider this backdoor inflation, for lack of a better term: US Federal Agencies and Departments are now essentially conducting fiscal spending policy!

How so?

Well, here are two real-time examples with the CDC and with the USDA. First, the CDC, Constitutionally or not, has declared a “Halt In Residential Evictions” through the end of this year. If this stands in any way whatsoever, in my opinion, the only way it could even work is if the government directly subsidizes landlords for non-paying tenants, be them out of work, deadbeat, or otherwise. Secondly, the USDA has declared school breakfasts and lunches to be free, for all students, nationwide, through the end of this year. Personally, I didn’t even realize this until we got an email from our kid’s school district last night announcing that beginning next week, they will be giving all students in the district free meals, but not the “a la carte” stuff, like canned drinks and whatnot. At first, I was wondering if the email was misunderstood as it was brought to my attention, but sure enough, upon looking at the USDA’s press release from August 31st, which pretty much flew under the mainstream media’s radar with minimal coverage, not only can all students in America get 10 free meals per week through the public schools, but parents and guardians can even pick up the meals for their children without the kids even being present! The bottom line is these are very inflationary measures the government is taking, and remember, when it’s the government involved in paying for something, it always costs more, and I say that from my experience as a Sergeant in the United States Army.

In other words, you can’t throw the deadbeats out, and they’re kids are getting 10 meals per week, for free, so what’s the big rush, right?

Take what I said on Wednesday and combine it with some analysis I made just yesterday as to the likely scenario when it comes to the next round of Federal fiscal stimulus, and here’s where I think things stand with regards to how this will all play out:

What’s going to happen when struggling restaurants, dealing with very strict and arguably Unconstitutional mandates and orders from “elected” politicians and even unelected public “servants”, face the cold, dark reality of limited outdoor seating during the Fall and Winter?

The question is rhetorical, but here are my thoughts: Those struggling restaurants are simply going to close down or be bailed-out with another round of PPP loans and/or grants, which by the next round may be more streamlined and more easily accessible by actual struggling small businesses, regardless of whether one thinks government bail-outs are a good thing or not.

Or it could be another custard fudge, designed that way on purpose so corrupt insiders in Washington and on Wall Street can further enrich themselves and their bestest buddies.

Either way, that means people working at said restaurants who were struggling with perhaps less hours, less pay, less tips and less everything, will be out of work once again.

That little dynamic is but one reason why there will be, in my opinion, another round of Economic Impact Payments, and while I have been wrong about the timing, I do think they’re coming, and now it seems more clear:

The US Federal government is stalling because career politicians are inherently evil at heart (or they wouldn’t be career politicians), so they would rather not give the stimulus checks in August, even though Stevie Boy said that’s what Trump preferred, only to turn around and give a third payment in the depths of winter.

In other words, they would rather give one single check, for winter, not one in August, or September, and another one during winter.

Which brings us to today’s update as we wind down the final days of September, and it’s not looking good for Joe Deplorable.

Funny how it’s the Hard Working Americans who are the ones who get the shaft, isn’t it?

That is to say, you become a Welfare Queen and live good, or you become a Corrupt “Elected” Politician or Enabling Public “Servant” and live good, but if you’re just a Hard Working American who takes pride in Rugged Americanism and all of the things it comes with – self sufficiency, independence, liberty, risk-reward, and more, well then, too bad for you!